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  1. To the StarUltra Community, Yesterday (June 28th) was the day of the release of Season 2! Season 2 added so much, and I can't say everything in this post. Here is a few of the updates, - Factions Released! - Hub Added - Bans Reset - Kills Reset - Added Build Arena - 2 New Armor Sets - Added Blocks Shop - Much more! Go check it out for yourself. IPs: MinePVP : starultra.minehut.gg Factions: starultra2.minehut.gg Have Fun!
  2. That's the point. I really didn't think this harmless club would make people mad.
  3. Bradybug115


    It is. Please move to Advertising Servers Section.
  4. Please refer to Minehut Twitter or messaging a staff member directly. Requested Lock. @BennyDoesStuff
  5. I would recommend using LuckPerms. Please move this to Suggestions @BennyDoesStuff
  6. Nice, I like this and I do want to know more about the Minehut Community, Also props on the "I prefer not to say"
  7. Hello Minehut Community, Today I will be telling you how to work Luckperms. Luckperms is incredibly easy to use if you know how to do it. Here is how to start off with Luckperms. First, to create a group do /lp creategroup <group name> To delete a group, do /lp deletegroup <group name> Then, to add yourself to the group do /lp user <username> parent set <group name> To add a preifx, for example [DEFAULT], do /lp group <group> meta addprefix <priority> "<prefix>" To add a suffix, do /lp group <group> meta addsuffix <priority> "<suffix>" Put it in quotes so you can add a space in between the prefix and the name. Ex. "DEFAULT &f" Looks Like: DEFAULT &fBradybug115: hi To remove a prefix or suffix, do /lp group <group> meta removeprefix <priority> /lp group <group> meta removesuffix <priority> Priorities are used for inheritance. For example: DEFAULT has a prefix with a priority of 5 and Helper which inherits permissions from Default has a prefix with a priority of 4, the Default prefix will show up because it has a higher priority. Now, you have added your Prefixes, suffixes and you are in your group. Now you want to make it so you can do /lp user <username> promote <track> Track could be called staff, donor, ect. To create a track do /lp createtrack <track name> Then to add ranks to a track do /lp track insert <rank> <position> To remove a group do /lp track remove <rank> To delete a track, do /lp removetrack <track> For example: A track called Staff: /lp track insert default 1 /lp track insert mod 2 /lp track insert owner 3 Then, doing /lp user Bradybug115 promote staff would make this player (if a default) Moderator. And doing it again would make them owner. Now, for Permissions. You do /lp editor, and add permissions to groups or users. When done click the disc/save icon in the far top right corner. That's it, that is the basics of Luckperms. Now you know how to create groups, tracks, and add permissions Thanks for reading! Have a good day. If I forgot anything, mention it and I will edit this post.
  8. Bye! We will see you when you get back.
  9. I request this post to be locked as the issues are mostly fixed. @Kailum
  10. Agreed, as of now it seems as if some of it has been cleared up.
  11. I see that too, This might possibly not be showing Locked posts. I don't know.
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