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  1. Hazry

    April Fools uwu

    not my fault!
  2. Hazry

    I cant enter to my server

    Moved to community support.
  3. +rep very cool mod. very quick to respond to reports. funny. he banned himself once. pls promote him to admin @Trent

  4. Hazry

    My friend cant join

    This category is for reports only. Please make your posts in the correct places in the future - I've moved your post to Community Support
  5. people who like generator servers:
  6. Hi, i was joking around and my friend banned my UUid ive tried to unbanned using cmds on the dashboard and my friend tried from ingame nothing is working. help? 

  7. the legend is back

    1. Hazry


      You know it

  8. Good afternoon! As some of you may know, I was a moderator from March 2018 to November 2018. After resigning almost 9 months ago, I decided to come back today and help out the community some more. Very nice to see some players I knew ages ago still hanging around! - Hazry
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