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  1. Another Release but smaller now command /report [<player>] [<text>]: trigger: if arg-2 is not set: send "&7Usage: &c/report [player] [reason]" to player send "&a&6/report duckbeary fly" to player else if arg-1 is not set: send "&7Usage: &c/report [player] [reason]" to player send "&a&6/report duckbeary fly" to player else: loop all players: if loop-player has permission "skript.reports": send "&c&lREPORT!" to
  2. dont suggest in this category suggest in #suggestions
  3. vault, essentials, skript pick one of these
  4. how much plugins you have? do you join with 1.14.4 version?
  5. here ya go options: factions: ul-factions kitpvp: ul-kitpvp tnttag: ul-tnttag on join: give 1 compass named "&cSelect Minigame" to player give 1 diamond hoe named "&aFunny Hoe *" to player set {cooldown.%player%} to 0 set the join message to "&7[&a+&7} %player%" on quit: remove 1 compass named "&cSelect Minigame" from player remove 1 diamond hoe named "&aFunny Hoe *" from player on right click with compass: if name of event-item is "&cSelect Minigame": open chest with 1 row named "&c&lSelect Minigame" to player format slot 0 of playe
  6. command /copy: trigger: set {_item} to player's tool give {_item} to player stop there
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