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  1. And the tpa will work for any player? Not only for op?
  2. And when i sleeped on my server the time passed fast. I mean there is no animation like the normal whrn you go to sleep in single player. The time move fast. Is this will change to original?
  3. So if i write those commands. Only the tpa command will appear? Not /home and /warp?
  4. It writes to me that i dont have enough permissions. How do i fix that?
  5. Is this will work for everyone or only for op?
  6. I want essentials plugin on my server but i need it ONLY for the TPA. another question. When i install essentials other players cant tpa me only op. How do i fix that?
  7. I want only tpa. How do i do this?
  8. I did that but when i go to sleep its end fast. Not like the normal. How do i change it?
  9. What should i do after downloading essentials?
  10. How do i install the tpa plugin and where do i put file?
  11. I want to add tpa plugin to my minehut server for all the players because i dont want that everyone get op.
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