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  2. It's working for me again.
  3. Hey, discords down so I'm using the forums
  4. Hello, this is the Appeal format for the Breadsky server. ------------------------------------------- Username: Type of punishment (Include time): Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: ------------------------------------------- Thank you. - Duckybeary
  5. Hello, this is the application format for the Breadsky server. Requirements, Needs discord. Mature (Above the age of 12) Needs to be loyal to the server. Has to have a clean record of bans. --------------------------------------------------------------- Format: Username: Discord name and tag: (example Ducky#5094) Age: Timezone: What year are you Born in. Do you have a microphone.?YES/NO: Can you record? Why do you want to be staff? Do you have experience as staff on other servers? (If so please list the servers): What is your biggest strength? How much time could you be on each day? Do you do any other activities outside of minecraft? Do you enjoy playing Breadsky? Have you read the rules? Can you join staff meetings? --------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you - Duckybeary
  6. TacticalModz Used to be a developer on my server for a clicker server called clickin, He was a good help but he left one day and a few weeks ago I said a meme that I made and we said a lot to him I knew he knew what it was then I said Do you still remember me tac, and one of his staff members said Sorry he does not reply to them questions.


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