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  1. Mine also sucks a lot but it's getting better gradually, I personally thought football would be fun but never wanted to play it. Soccer I tried to play a while ago when I was super small but that stopped also. In basketball, like soccer, I'm better at defense in my opinion, if I do get the ball I just pass to my teammate, and most the times games are a mess since we just pick teams outside.
  2. Tasty plugins I'll never use (I use like W/e, W/g, Skript (w/ addons), void gen, citizens, and multiverse mainly). Glad they'll help everyone though
  3. 91919


    *puts on big, white sheet* Boo! I scared you. That's what I'm going to do. I won't trick or treat though since it got a bit stale, you know? Other than the joke at the beginning I don't know what I'll be doing this year.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome
  5. Hello I'm 91 I've been on Minehut for a long time but I didn't introduce myself on the forums since I wasn't active on there. you most likely have seen me on Minehut at least once or twice in the lobby. I'm mostly staff on ValkNet which is a pretty top tier server. I like anime as you can tell from my profile picture, and hope to be staff on Minehut eventually. I mostly just play video games and am good at math. Like I said I have not been active on forums forever so I'm just here to introduce myself officially after too long. You'll probably see a handful of replies here and there and stuff. By the way I like typing extremely longer than I'm supposed to because I'm bored and I like writing. It's my favorite thing other than math, video games, and basketball. And yes I like basketball, it's pretty fun even though I suck at it. ~91919
  6. What keeps you on Minehut? What keeps me on Minehut is mainly being staff on ValkNet. If I'm not on for a while I'll be demoted What kind of plans do you have on Minehut (things you're doing or want to do) I want to be able to make a really cool, well functioning skripted minehut server. Just not dedicated enough. Things you like about Minehut Minehut is very, very unique. Only a handful of servers try to host other servers. It makes it much quicker and easier for players than buying / paying for servers, looking for plugins, etc. Something you would change about/on Minehut and how you would change it I would give donors much more permissions, shown on my suggestion on the features section. Favorite memory on Minehut. Becoming staff on ValkNet, or making my first server on Minehut that was not horrible. Anything else you want to share! I hope Minehut will be up soon
  7. I agree with this entirely, minehut has always had ads on their website, just adding a little more since there is so many new players joining. Minehut NEEDS the money or else all of us will lose Minehut. Like Nd said, Minehut is a free server hoster. If it doesn't make money and 0 profit, why keep it open; they'd eventually go bankrupt.
  8. Thanks for asking Ezekia, you already have/get all permission as soon as you make your ValkNet server. It's as simple as installing a plugin, then doing a command related to it. Commands can be found with /help <plugin name>
  9. Give it optifine features and you got a deal
  10. Hello there ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, bots and humans. I am 91919, your friendly neighborhood bot So this night I ask the Minehut staff (robots) may you please gives the group of donors supporting your server maybe a little more permission to do some pretty cool stuff. Yea yea I've heard it all before, "No you can't, you're donors!", "You can't it'll be unfair!". Well I say paying money to just get some dumb particles and a chat tag is way too little for what we pay. Some people spend ~1000$ USD on Patron, what do they get? Nothing except a tag. They don't even get particles. I'd call that a scam if it weren't Minehut and I know Minehut is good at fixing their problems. So why not give us maybe some cool things to actually do in lobbies. Me and the gang of other donors thought of a splendid idea. Why not add /donorchat or /dc. This command would be equal to /sc or /staffchat except for donors only! It'd be toggleable aswell so people wouldn't need to keep typing /dc. That'd be with /dct (Donor Chat Toggle). If you don't like that idea let me sell you on some other ones! So another idea I thought of is maybe give us something other than particles to do in lobby, maybe make the lobby into a mini server with some little games to play. Yea, the lobby is NOT going to ever be close to a player server but maybe give us something to do since most donors love talking and chilling with everybody (myself included). You could have a handful of things. A donor only area that is just a little special place where they can hangout. What we did earlier was just hang out at the end of the lobby parkour, but defaults were there too so NOT donor only. Keep in mind this would NOT be a new lobby, it'd be just a little hangout area IN the lobbies where they could access and hangout with their fellow donors. You might be saying this is discrimination eh? Yea but if you think about it normally. The rich get bigger houses. The rich get more toys. The rich get more in general! So why does that not apply to dear old Minehut huh? Remember Minehut isn't a commune server, we don't have to share everything. Staff get their own cool stuff just for being staff, not even paying money. So I'd think paying for cool perks/feature would be pretty sick! So thank you for reading my suggestion to help the epic Minehut, I expect lots more from it soon! ~~91919, your friendly neighborhood bot
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