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  1. Good job getting staff to all the new people.
  2. +1 WARNING: This may or may not be a joke But some suggestions are: - Most of those roles seem excessive (like all the OP ones, Mod+, Trial Mod, Helper) - A lot of the roles you mention are already roles (Jr Mod, Mod, Sr Mod) unless you're just putting the new ones in with all the old ones aswell, which is my misunderstanding. - Some roles are basically repeats (Yea, I'm looking at you Helper and Trial Mod). This is because Jr. Mod is supposed to be the trial for people to become full staff. Another example is Mod+, which is basically Sr. Mod - "Omega Sr SLG" is all I need to say What I like (Yes I can't say +1 without stating some good stuff) - I like how you chose to add some new roles to SLG Staff since they don't get much special roles. Maybe could have SLG role and Sr. SLG. The others are questionable - I like that you chose to expand the Development Team, maybe stick to Dev Team and Sr Dev Team though - Very creative with this post, especially with the new gangs
  3. 91919


    1. This goes in the suggestions section, the link to it is here https://forums.minehut.com/forum/21-features/ 2. I'm not associated with Minehut and I have no idea what they'll add but I'm 91.9% sure they won't let us upload custom plugins.
  4. I agree with this to my utmost capacity
  5. 91919

    Help With Skript TP

    Do you want the skript, or help with the skript. If you want help, send your current skript and I can help, if you need somebody to make one for you I suggest you go to the marketplace
  6. 91919


    Here's something I'd do It's mostly accurate, shouldn't show any CPS higher than the player's actual CPS, isn't 100% accurate though. Try it out, if it doesn't work, then try editing it and see what happens on join: while player is online: set {cps::%player's uuid%} to floor({clicks::%player's uuid%}/3) set {clicks::%player's uuid%} to 0 set tab list name of player to "%player% &7| &a%{cps::%player's uuid%}%&a CPS" wait 3 seconds on click: set {clicks::%player's uuid%} to 0 if {clicks::%player's uuid%} is not set add 1 to {clicks::%player's uuid%} command /cps: trigger: send "&7Your CPS is: &l%{cps::%player's uuid%}%" If you don't want to be spoonfed, I'd say just make it so each time they click it adds to a variable and every x seconds it sets the cps to the clicks/x
  7. First thing, add Support stereotypes or ban, second thing the pro stereotype is so true
  8. That's a big rip. My most popular post (probably for the rest of time) is now locked. Had a good run, 11th top replied post, and almost 1st page for most views. Sorry if it caused drama (to xMuel, not anybody else)

  9. If you're talking about me, and banned from Valknet. Then they banned me from it because of this forum post.
  10. Sounds pretty epic to me. More updates to come
  11. I never intended this to be drama, I was just stating what how my experience was as a staff member on Valknet and partially why I decided to resign from it.
  12. Welcome to Minehut. Have fun making servers, or playing them (If you're new to MH as a whole) There's a lot of cool stuff you can make/find here, or on the server itself. Some would include: Friends, Opportunities to work on big MH servers, Chance to be staff on plenty cool servers, and lots more
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