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  1. First thing, add Support stereotypes or ban, second thing the pro stereotype is so true
  2. That's a big rip. My most popular post (probably for the rest of time) is now locked. Had a good run, 11th top replied post, and almost 1st page for most views. Sorry if it caused drama (to xMuel, not anybody else)

  3. If you're talking about me, and banned from Valknet. Then they banned me from it because of this forum post.
  4. Sounds pretty epic to me. More updates to come
  5. I never intended this to be drama, I was just stating what how my experience was as a staff member on Valknet and partially why I decided to resign from it.
  6. Welcome to Minehut. Have fun making servers, or playing them (If you're new to MH as a whole) There's a lot of cool stuff you can make/find here, or on the server itself. Some would include: Friends, Opportunities to work on big MH servers, Chance to be staff on plenty cool servers, and lots more
  7. Your server will be up and open to everybody on Minehut as long as there's at least 1 person on it. If there's not it'll automatically shut down after ~5 minutes
  8. Well guys, I'm adding a new update to the doc right now. It may be a little "dramatic" but I hope you all will understand when given context.
  9. Read this. I wrote it before this so it may not make sense, if you want more parts just reply kthx bye https://docs.google.com/document/d/12AAS3iXG8UTak0Zj4jIw34-rRQ9fHjX-kaQyUGfaAHE/edit?usp=sharing New latest update for the document (11/16/19). The section is on the outline part so just click to skip through the text. Thanks for reading hope this won't get locked ;w;
  10. Yea Spud is pretty cool, I talk to them a lot in discord dms and they seem pretty chill
  11. Basically all servers eventually die out, it will die out again like it has before. If you've played it you'd know since it's basically just afking 24/7 with no real content in it. I'm not trying to diss Lift though, if you enjoy it don't let me change your mind.
  12. Mine also sucks a lot but it's getting better gradually, I personally thought football would be fun but never wanted to play it. Soccer I tried to play a while ago when I was super small but that stopped also. In basketball, like soccer, I'm better at defense in my opinion, if I do get the ball I just pass to my teammate, and most the times games are a mess since we just pick teams outside.
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