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  1. why be scared of spiders? bed sheets are the real threats. The average rate of human death from spiders in the US is around 6-7 people. That is very scary indeed but did you know that the average death rate from entanglement in bed sheets is 800 american people? I am afraid, you should be too.
  2. Wouldn't featuring it just make it popular anyway?
  3. As a legend rank myself, I am scared as to how accurate this is.
  4. Hello there, I was just asking this because I'd like to look at an application I made last year and reflect on it so I have a reference of what not to do when applications open again. Thanks reader for reading.
  5. Tomas

    Ranks on forums

    Hello reader, if you're like me and have a rank on minehut you probably want to have more perks that distengish you from everyone else. Personally I think that rank owners should be able to get GIFs as profile pictures on the forums instead of just staff members. Ty and good bye.
  6. Those plugins look cool! I will make sure to try them out.
  7. me being young (14) my parents are always going on about uni putting people in debt and mortgage's in (insert my place of housing because you can't know) is way to high and they can barely afford free choice of items e.g food it was honestly the first thing I thought of. and then a setup because every person with 1 MIL needs to have something to flex right
  8. Pokemon toys are far from boring, I love the new 10" Pop vinyls!
  9. Pay off my parents mortgage, ensure my uni ed would be all payed for then buy the coolest, fastest gaming setup ever. I mean who wouldn't!
  10. couldn't be bothered re-writing so... BUMP!
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