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  1. SALVATE RELEASE Hello everyone my server that i've been working many weeks on has just released! Its a very unique and enjoyable custom prison experience make sure to hop and check out our custom features: - Minebombs - Evolving System - Levelling System - 10+ Custom enchantments - 24 Custom Mines Make sure and hop on and give it a chance! Join with the information below: Via Minehut: /server Salvate - Direct Connect: salvate.minehut.gg
  2. Hello Everyone I am currently looking for new staff members for my upcomming prison server, i can't tell you mutch other than it isn't a shit server and i'm looking for mature, profesional staff members with previous experience who knows what they are doing. If you are intrested, add me on discord: Wynandus#5945
  3. Hello there, So i want your guys opinion on what would you prefer more? A hard-core prison or a OP-Prison Hard-Core = You start with wooden-pickaxe the more you mine the more levels you achieve and when you hit a milestone you get a new pickaxe unlocked, enchantments OP-Prison = You start with a diamond-pickaxe with efficiency 10 the more you mine the more levels you get and you can unlock enchantments with those levels
  4. if anyone else has any suggestions please let them know
  5. Could you please give some more information? on how the mana is obtained? and is that a currency only for purchasing powerups? or..? and are the multiple powerups? You could aswell contact me on discord, Wynandus#5945 thanks
  6. Hello there, I'm currently creating a custom made Prison server with a bunch of custom features and we are looking to add more to enhance the playing experience, me and @DinnerDelight both are creating the server while i mainly skript and he configures the plugins, setup schematics, helps skripts List of our current features: - Gambling System (Minesweeper, Potion Gambler, Coinflips) - Pickaxe Enchantments (We are looking for enchant suggestions) - Server boosters - Vote to reset (Vote to reset a mine) - Playtime rewards - Qu
  7. Hey, Try to reset then force stop and then try to restart your server.
  8. I feel like this plugin isn't really worth adding since you can do this in skript under 10 lines Link to the skript: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/nomorelapis-skript.33334/
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