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  1. SARS-CoV-2
  2. /ignore list would be good but /ignores would be better cause the player called "list" is really annoying
  3. no cause it conflicts with literally every faction plugin)
  4. Install these plugins: ProtocolLib, Vault, Essentials, Slimefun, and CS-CoreLib
  5. I love you ya little child. Act like it's all a joke. Your server IS the joke.
  6. You need: Essentials and EssentialsSpawn. Then you do /setspawn Then you do /spawn! simple
  7. Have you ever seen a message like this? Have you ever ignored a message that breaks the minehut rules? Do you wish they were banned? Well join me on my mission to eradicate of these rule-breaking scums. Whenever you find a rule-breaker (provided they are breaking the actual rules), REPORT THEM! WE CANNOT LIVE WITH THESE SCUMBAGS! Also, if you think i'm just a random non, I have done my part as well... However, if you're being har****ed on the forums, or private messages, that's another problem. You should also report them for "Har****ment" or something similar. If you find a server, report them in "Server Reports".
  8. +rep very cool mod. very quick to respond to reports. funny. he banned himself once. pls promote him to admin @Trent

  9. horizon still broken like wtf it was the best anticheat ever now it's ruined now my skript anticheat suck cuz it relies on it
  10. BrokenTwine: has the most punishment offences (possibly) minehut: what
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