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MinePvP Your adventure starts here! Start with a stone pickaxe and a sword and fight for upgrades! SEASON 01 OUT NOW!

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  2. so i was just asking about a skript and me and this other dude were messing around. well mostly me. and somehow we went from skripts to age and i jokingly said i was 3 years old. AND I GOT BANNED? im 15 bro a 3 year old would not be asking about skript omg i was joking around and im really frustrated about the whole thing. Like cant have fun. The person knew i was older but still decided to report me and also reported me on discord. If you would like i can prove to you that im 15 by passport or any other way. Thanks.
  3. Hello i am Damir aka Denxn i was banned for a big misunderstanding, I Was banned for saying "My skin is osama Bin laden" But it was "Al Zedan" Which is an arabic guy who is a meme.
  4. IGN: _12k__ Why were you punished: Saying server name in chat accidently not do /ad Proof you are not guilty: I did not mean to send the message knowing I was going to get muted but I was tired and I don't know why I said server IP. I promise I wont do it again. Have been punished before: yes not a lot though
  5. IGN: altrax1 Why were you punished: trying to say server ip Proof that you are not guilty: i just linked my account and i tried to advertise my server, i never knew there was a /ad command, and it just told me that right after i got muted Have you been punished before: no
  6. IGN : W_duck270 Why were you punished: Someone typed something like 123 for free op so as a joke i typed 123 Proof that you are not guilty: i dont have proof but i just typed 123 and got perm banned Have you been punished before: i dont recall
  7. I changed my IGN to 69zl. i hope i could get unban
  8. IGN (In game username): Blizzardiscold Why were you punished: Saying kill the jews (my cousin did it as a "joke") Proof that you are not guilty: i dont have any proof and i barely socialise in servers stuff like this will never happen again i promise Have you been punished before: not that i know of
  9. IGN : Mr_St0rm Why were you punished : death threats Proof that you are not guilty: i wasn't giving threats in real i was talking about the anarchy/lifesteal server i would never threaten someone in real life Have you been punished before: never this is my first time
  10. IGN: Xsz4ypkxl Why were you punished: exploiting Proof that you are not guilty: i wasnt cheating my friend hacked into my account and started exploting on it Have you been punished before: Not that im aware of.
  11. IGN (In game username): FortnightBoi64 Why were you punished: DDoS, Dox, or Death threats. Forever Proof that you are not guilty: Well I play a lot of Minehut servers, and I got a lot of enemies who don't like me. Either they try to get me banned from the server, or the entire MINEHUT, I create content on social media platforms (not saying it) and I'm pretty famous compared to other Minehut BoxPvP players, I got a lot of followers, some people target me. Faking proof is very easy. I don't know what proof I have to send or anything. Please unban me, I miss minehut. Have you been punished before: Never
  12. IGN (In game username): Previously iiCum, now RandomUser3636 Why were you punished: inappropriate username Proof that you are not guilty: I have changed the name now and would like to be unbanned as my account no longer has an inappropriate name. Have you been punished before: Not that im aware of.
  13. I accidently made an advertisement without the "/ad" after buying VIP rank. i got muted for 3 days. I really hope that i can get unmuted after spending 40 dollars.
  14. IGN (In game username): dasoserevan Why were you punished: I was punished for saying "this whole pride month is about being inclusive, but all its done is been agressive" Proof that you are not guilty: I wasn't trying to be mean in any way, I saw on the chat that everyone were speaking there mind, and some more then others. I just felt like its been everywhere and I've recently had some people tell me to change my gender and I have felt a bit weird about that whole thing and it was really kinda frustrating. I didn't mean for it to come across wrong. Have you been punished before: I have never been punished/banned before on any game.
  15. notMustache_ Hate speech; Saying that i hate the gays Look, I know this already looks bad but I didn't actually mean it, I was just following the bandwagon going on in the server when people were saying they hate pride month and I found that pretty funny, even though it really isn't, so i decided to say "I HATE THE GAYS!!!" as a joke and just continue on with my day to play with a buddy of mine. I'd understand if you didn't appeal b/c it's literally hate speech. If you don't completely unban me, could you at least reduce the ban time because I think 4 weeks is a lot for just saying you hate the gays and not actually mean it, thank you. I have never been punished
  16. IGN (In game username): coolActor770 Why were you punished: banned for swearing Proof that you are not guilty: I let my little brother play on my account to play the server I was on and minehut crashed kicking him out and he started swearing in the lobby. Looked over my shoulder to see a ban screen. Wanted to play today... Have you been punished before: no
  17. btw this happened months ago I just found out today that I could appeal
  18. IGN (In game username): 74up Why were you punished: legacy Proof that you are not guilty: I said a fake ip Have you been punished before: no
  19. UPDATE Server is now un-suspended, maybe that might help with the case and proove my inocence
  20. IGN (In game username): DavidF1B Why were you punished:Using slurs and/or discriminating others Proof that you are not guilty:Everything can be faked this is irrelevant Have you been punished before:Yes
  21. IGN (In game username): pXvel Why were you punished: Slurs 1 month ban Proof that you are not guilty:Well, think about it, i have many enemies on servers, and anyone couldfake photos of me saying slurs, i assure you i have not slurred b4 and i am not that type of guy, please this is the only server i play, i have nothing else to play and i am now false banned if i can say, anyone could fake a photo of me saying something banned, i dont understand what type of proof i have to send. Have you been punished before: Never
  22. I got muted on a account named sooyeon06 and i accidently hit enter and got muted for 24hrs for flooding chat
  23. To be honest I haven't played Minecraft in years and have not used my account. I tried to connect to my friends server and im prompted with this message. "you have been banned for forever for legacy"
  24. I was banned for racism but still think it was unjustified because black people dont really deserve rights.They were slaves and it should of stayed like that.

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