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MinePvP Your adventure starts here! Start with a stone pickaxe and a sword and fight for upgrades! SEASON 01 OUT NOW!

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  2. IGN (In game username): __CrimZon__ Why were you punished: Inappropriate Skin Proof that you are not guilty: I am guilty of the skin, but have changed it. Have you been punished before: No.
  3. Ok so I'm this mod on a server called Ruckesmc, and the owner told me to make a ticket here. I'm gonna be quoting what he said. My server mid-night had all of the files reset/deleted and all plugins were reset. I even needed to switch a world. I also have MH35 on the server so I am wasting credits and players leave ASAP since they think the server is bad (Ranks were reset due to plugins being reset, using LuckPerms for it). I have waited for 2 days and nothing changed. And I didn't reset plugins or delete/reset files, it just happened in around 0:30 AM without anyone's knowledge.
  4. I accidentally turned on my Spammer Hack on my hack client Sigma while on 2b2t, and was gonna play on OpAnarch (A anarchy server on minehut) with my hacks, but I was not able to turn off the spammer. so it kept making me rejoin, until it muted me. It was a honest mistake, and i'm sorry for using the spammer.
  5. IGN _polse_ idk why i got banned for being a bot randomly. can i get unbanned pls.
  6. Were you banned on Minehut? Thats what it sounds like. If you were banned on Minehut, this is not the correct place to appeal. Appeal here - https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/5-player-appeals/ This is a forum club for the server StarUltra and their appeals section.
  7. IGN (In game username): Microwave64 Why were you punished: I honestly don't know. It said "bot" Proof that you are not guilty: I am a real human player.. Just want to play minecraft with my friends on minehut. I am not a bot. Have you been punished before: No. Thank you for your help.
  8. IGN (In game username): flamewhisperer_ Why were you punished: 'bot' Proof that you are not guilty: I don't really know how to prove I am not guilty since I don't know exactly why I was banned. I have had no problems in the past other than the occasional autokick from servers for flying (I did not fly but it probably picks up my laggy movement as teleporting or flying). If this is the reason why I was banned I assure you I have not ever used any hacks or anything similar before. Have you been punished before: Occasional autokick from various servers for 'flying' (probably just b
  9. It looks like you were banned from Minehut. This is not the correct place to appeal. Appeal here - https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/5-player-appeals/ This is a club forum for the server "StarUltra".
  10. IGN (In game username): creature_joe Why were you punished: "spambot" for 10 decades Proof that you are not guilty: I don't really know why I am banned at all. I don't recall even using minehut servers. I tried to join my friends today and it turns out I'm banned for 10 decades. I don't recall ever doing anything. Have you been punished before: No, definitely not.
  11. Just saw this now and did completed the form thanks for the help
  12. IGN (In game username): cujdan Why were you punished: reason:bot Proof that you are not guilty: im not a bot as you can see also i never played on minehut before Have you been punished before: i dont think so
  13. You are banned on Minehut. This is a server named "StarUltra" club forum. You need to appeal here since you were banned on Minehut. https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/5-player-appeals/
  14. IGN (Kolin_fin) Why were you punished: im not sure bot is banned me no reason. Proof that you are not guilty: i was normally playing and when i decided to go to the lobby so boom ban Have you been punished before:no AND THIS IS NOT ALT!!!!!! pls un ban me
  15. IGN: Lexcaesar Muted For Spam. i am not guilty because i was building my server, after i finished it i went to the lobby and said 2 times: Join FedeVoid With an Interval of 30 Seconds. And it seems normal that with an interval of 30 seconds and 2 messages written in chat I have to be muted for 11 hours. I Was Punished Last Time Yesterday (28/10/2020) For Spam, A Mute With The Duration Of 5 Hours. Greetings Lexcaesar.
  16. IGN (In game username): Fishwick2g Why were you punished: Not sure, only reason provided was 'Bot'. I do not recall ever playing on a Minehut server. Proof that you are not guilty: Have never played on a Minehut server, upon trying to join for the first time, was perma banned and given reason 'bot Have you been punished before: No
  17. IGN: Tsumikiri Why were you punished: Spam Bot Proof that you are not guilty: I have never played MineHut.com or even touched the Free Minecraft Server Hosting site till recently. Only reason i can think of being banned is my account being compromised sometime in the past years. But i got all of my stuff secured ever since i got back into Minecraft. Have you been punished before: No
  18. IGN (In game username): matthewcp2 Why were you punished: I had a german officer skin on and while I was afk I was warned to change it and since I was afk I was banned for not changing said skin Proof that you are not guilty: I was afk at the moment and I forgot to swap my skin I was doing some rp with one of my friends on his server before joining Have you been punished before: No this is my first time and I am greatly disappointed in myself the ban was a while ago and I've been too busy to make an appeal
  19. IGN: Detrier Reason For Punishment: I was banned for 110 years for being a "bot" during a bot wave Proof of Innocence: I have been active on Minehut a lot of the time and I don't know if staff can see that, but I also have two servers, and I don't think bots can do that. Also, the bots repeated the phrase OGK (some multi digit number here) multiple times, whereas I didn't. Have you been punished before: No i have not been punished before.
  20. IGN (In game username): ReusedHuman Why were you punished: I was banned during a botwave for repeating the phrase the bots were saying, wich is "Hello, <random guy>" Proof that you are not guilty: I had some servers running, i was pretty active on the server, sometimes i was a mod on a couple of the servers, but i forgot about the servers, and yeah. If you look up my profile on NameMC you can see i was pretty active, and PLEASE IGNORE MY PROTOGEN SKIN. i was in a weird furry phase, forgive me. Have you been punished before: Im not entirely sure, i was banned a year or so a
  21. Significant progress has been made into this issue. Major pain-points in the save process have been identified and solutions are being worked on. The core of the issue is saves sometimes take too long to happen or fail for whatever reason, and eventually time-out. We have identified performance issues with our storage system. We are currently working with the devs of that system to help us tune it better for our load/make performance improvements to the program itself. We are rolling out updates to that program, and also changing the format of the disk the data is saved to to a format tha
  22. Whenever i leave my server and then rejoin it after it has stopped and started again, my progress is lost from when it was last started, this is only a recent thing as it hasnt been happening on my smp world for at least 2000 ingame days so im really confused to why it is broken now and please help because i have a lot of progress on my server and dont want to see it wasted because i have to reset my world or anything so please help if possible so that my progress can be saved again.

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