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  2. To be honest I haven't played Minecraft in years and have not used my account. I tried to connect to my friends server and im prompted with this message. "you have been banned for forever for legacy"
  3. I was banned for racism but still think it was unjustified because black people dont really deserve rights.They were slaves and it should of stayed like that.
  4. I got banned in Minehut for making an innapropriate joke about the a server and a staff member found that offencive. I got banned FOREVER because it says i have a innapropriate name or skin. But i made a joke about a server. I promise it wont happen again and i have learnt my lesson. Please unban me I promise on my life it wont happen again. My username is WreaeMC. Thank you.
  5. For some reason my server always randomly crashes, and when I log back on, I've lost like 30 min worth of progress. Could someone help please?
  6. Please submit an appeal here: https://minehut.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  7. I was banned from minehut for "predatory behavior". First of all I'm 16, second of all all I did was create a server that was meant to be ultra realistic where you start out as a fetus and then when someone gives birth to you you can play normal survival, and you can also reproduce. I apologize for doing that, and I didn't understand that it wasn't allowed, and I will never do that again, therefore I should be unbanned. My IGN is PublicStqticVoid, and please unban my other account from the website which goes by the email "m644008@gmail.com", thank you!
  8. Please submit an appeal here: https://minehut.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  9. Idk why I got muted It said "spamming/flooding" mute for 5 months. But I was playing a server when it said this, someone please help me.
  10. Please submit an appeal here: https://minehut.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  11. Please unban me I won't cuss I again i need to get my victory in cart im to good to leave cart alright and I can hit the griddy
  12. You can appeal here: https://minehut.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  13. IGN (In game username): DJ_Cheesus Why were you punished: For saying "this server is bad I cant start my server" Reason for unban: I said this as my server would not start. I got instantly banned permanently. I personally feel like a permanent ban is unfair and a shorter ban such as a year may have been more appropriate. Have you been punished before: I have had one mute before for a reason I cannot remember Thanks, DJ_Cheesus
  14. Ok, I guess I don't deserve to sugarcoat this, but I've been banned forever for 'Predatory Behavior' (My username, if you saw, was CreepersCreep06) What happened was some guy was (probably as a joke) advertising a different server saying to grief it because the owner is a kid. I, selfishly without really thinking, made the offhand remarks 'For real?' and right after... 'I really like attacking kids.' as a joke. I can promise you I have no prior behavioral abnormalities, nor intend to have any others, especially on such a subject on Minehut. I'm assuming a perfectly well-meaning mod took this quite seriously, and I'd like to apologize and look at any opportunities to appeal because I honest to god enjoy the privilege of this server and have an upgraded plan to show for it.
  15. I should be unbanned because I didn't do anything my cousin was playing on my account because he came over to my house and I fell asleep and he told me he said the n word and got me banned please unban me I didn't do anything all I wanted to do is to play with my friends on SMP server please staff. Thanks from gria
  16. IGN (In game username): doge8854 Why were you punished: Encouraging Bad Behavior Proof that you are not guilty: I said the following: "trent is online", "test, "hello", etc. Have you been punished before: Yes
  17. So i think the BOT muted me or the "anti Cheat" but i was sending a message you will see in the chat logs about "any smps? i sent the message twice not spamming or flooding chat as it said i was, you will see in chat logs i only sent the msg twice i think the anti cheat thought i was trying to spam but i really think it was a false mute by the BOT honestly i don't think the mute was on purpose or given by any mod but i would appreciate a unmute please and thank you have a nice day! FYI ingame name is Rekeis4907
  18. Hi! To file an appeal to our support team, please use this link instead: https://minehut.com/support/form
  19. IGN (In game username): Shusha09 Why were you punished: see photo below. Proof that you are not guilty:all i said was poop, pee and that i like to babysit kids. how tf, from a 13 years old that says "i like to babysit kids" is s. harassment?! Have you been punished before: No. never.
  20. IGN (In game username): DogemanGamez Why were you punished: I was talking to someone, when out of nowhere, I got muted with the following reason: "Encourging Bad Behaviour" Proof that you are not guilty: I was just talking to someone about a problem with the server. Have you been punished before: No, this is my first time getting muted. Please unmute me ASAP, I can't use /msg, I use it a lot
  21. I just read it it says I used slurs??? Slurs literally get censored and I don't even remember saying something like that...
  22. I was banned for saying something bad, I dont recall saying anything "bad" but if you say anything bad aren't you supposed to get muted? Anyway I came back from the bathroom and got banned, I barely talk on minehut and out of nowhere i get banned? Can I get unbanned, soon I wont be able to play at all I'd appreciate it if i was unbanned because as soon as I get unbanned I won't be playing.
  23. pls i copypasted the wrong thing
  24. I got banned for no reason it says im banned because auto advertise but i dont even have the mods to do that i already change my account pasword
  25. My IGN is nonkz, I got banned 15 seconds after I said this. I don't have any proof, but I do hope I can get unbanned. (I am replying because I forgot to include my IGN.)
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      Server worked fine yesterday. but now i get this. I tried to delete all mods and it still doesn't work. I can join other servers with no mods without problems (with the same client).


      Im playing create fabric 1.19.2 and yes the server is set to fabric 1.19.2 as well.

      Java is updated and i did the whole ipconfig flush thing in CMD as admin.


      Still the same. 


      Anyone got any ideas? 


    • I was wondering if i could connect to the server with 1.19.4 as i just found out its a released version and not a snapshot anymore

    • I fixed it by making the world in vanilla.

    • our friend server can not start and 3 - 4 seconds after starting it, it shut down itself with this error message "Sorry but we were unable to connect you to servchillll. Please reach out to minehut.com/support for assisstance. "


    • Salut Salut! 

      Bon je sais que ma réponse date maintenant, mais ce que j'ai fait perso, car oui j'ai eu l'exact même problème, c'est de supprimer tous les fichiers qui ne sont pas dans un fichier sur le menu home des fichiers, ils vont se recréer ceux la, je l'ai fait sur minehut maintenant, et je suis sastisfait de ma curiosité, aucune contrepartie mise à part remettre l'op

      Si vous pensez que j'ai fait une bétise, du moins je vous confirme que le problème viens de l'un d'eux, votre monde et vos progrès resterons les mêmes en passant





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