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MinePvP Your adventure starts here! Start with a stone pickaxe and a sword and fight for upgrades! SEASON 01 OUT NOW!

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  2. i accidentally sent the wrong message im sorry i did not mean to my user name in game is AydenC77
  3. IGN (In game username): TexasGermany Why were you punished: I was punished for "Other" Proof that you are not guilty: Sorry I have no proof cause I don't know why I am banned Have you been punished before: No
  4. IGN (In game username): AnchorPvP Why were you punished: I was punished for "other" Proof that you are not guilty: Sorry I have no proof cause I don't know why I am banned Have you been punished before: No Dear minehut support team thank you for your time! I hope you could get around to my appeal and see that it is accepted much love - AnchorPvP
  5. please I need to get unmuted I can't /msg the owner but he just msged me that I'm going to be unbanned but I can't /msg him back so I'm not unbanned
  6. So today I got banned from my friends SMP for nothing. I'm a moderator in there and one of the staff in the smp banned me so I asked for, any minehut mods to unban me from the smp and I got muted for 12 hours can I get unmuted
  7. Hello! I've tried to create my own server eith my friend. I wanted to have a proxomity server, so I added the mod. I Downloaded and installed the mod to my minehut server but when i joined there was this cable with a red line across it. I pressed almost everysingle button on my keybeard, and when i came to "n" it said "voice not connected" and i've googled and i came up with that it meant something with the server port. I seached on youtube, google and i found a couple of ports examlple 25575, 25565 and a bedrock one 19132. I have no experience in these kind of things such as proxy, vpn, ip adress, port and i would really love to get some help.
  8. IGN (In game username): Floor42o Why were you punished: ChatBot Proof that you are not guilty: im guilty af Have you been punished before: No i mightve been muted not sure So heres what happened i was playing on the minehut server with meteor client trying to find an anarchy server and i guess i had my chat bot on.... so i got banned for 3 hours
  9. Also I spammed something with Soul in it because 2 of my friends died in the fight so I spammed something about their lost souls
  10. So I was in my friends server, and we all decided to spam LETS GOO after we killed the ender dragon. Well turns out I spammed a little too fast. I was kicked into Minehut's Main lobby and I was still spamming on there for a little causing me to get banned with the reason "participating in a bot raid" even though I never meant to spam the chat in the main lobby, but then I was banned and now I cant join my friends server which I grinded on. Can I have a ban appeal or is there someway to remove the ban? Thank you.
  11. I got banned for having a inappropriate name, but the name was just JesterPenterate and not anything bad like that. I just have the name cause I like ClownPierce IGN: JesterPenterate Java
  12. sureee


    shit this place is old as dust
  13. 1. This is not the right place to post ban appeals from Minehut 2. Do what it says, go to minehut.com/support nerd
  14. I was on my server with my friends playing on hacked clients messing with chat in our private server, i enabled spam by accident and before i could toggle it off i got kicked for spamming into hub and i couldnt leave because of how fast it was and i got perm banned user: sneakyninja_11 proof:
  15. I Didnt Even Do Anything And I got Bannedd for other Ign: Gustavo_1
  16. I was very recently banned from Minehut servers because I had an ''inappropriate name'' But the thing is that Minecraft/Mojang itself allows me to have that name. Therefore it is Mojang's problem to approve my name and not Minehut. Please understand my struggle and unban me soon. - MommyMilkens
  17. First i got muted for 2 months for racism while i never said a thing, a few weeks later i got banned for the reason "other"
  18. i was playing on minehut and i recognised that i cant talk it said i was muted for racism??? i did not think much of it because i dont advertise servers or anything but now im BANNED? what? i cant even talk so what for and i was not even racist!!! are there like report bots or something?
  19. i just got muted for saying 5 word for 12 hours really?
  20. we where playing on our server and we dont even know how to bot his username is RafiLion234

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