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MinePvP Your adventure starts here! Start with a stone pickaxe and a sword and fight for upgrades! SEASON 01 OUT NOW!

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  2. My IGN is TheRealSomeone1. I was playing on my friend's Minehut server and as staff member "ianTNTworld" joined out of nowhere, so I assumed it was someone from my discord channel. I kicked him because I wanted to play alone with my other friend. After kicking him, I got a direct message in chat saying that I will be perm banned in 1 week for disrupting a staff server checkup. This happened on 12/8/2019 at 12:30 AM. I have never been punished, or come close to being punished before.
  3. IGN (In game username): GrunM8 Why were you punished: inappropriate skin Proof that you are not guilty: I have no proof I was just joining my mates server where I'm rp'ing as Hitler Have you been punished before: Nope first time
  4. You are not muted on StarUltra.
  5. Im a moderator on StarUltra, I think its fair to unban you now, What is your IGN?
  6. Im a moderator on starultra, Who is your friend?
  7. I was playing on my friends server and out of nowhere he left and i got perm banned for being a bot,ive emailed twice 1 time 2 months ago and 1 time last month....i think it was because i was spamming but please look into it (thanks)
  8. IGN (In game username): YNModz_YT Why were you punished: Competitor Advertisement, for a Server called InfernoMC or PVP. When my account was breached the day from when I got a Trojan horse virus. A optifine virus.. Proof that you are not guilty: Have you been punished before: No
  9. I was banned for being a bot but I believe im not one. I am human. I guess I was spamming but the punishment is way too much. 10 decades, 10 years, 13 months, 1 hour, and 10 minutes. Please look into this and I truely apologize for spamming.
  10. I was banned for swearing in the lobby but I did not actually swear therefore this ban signifies no purpose
  11. my ign is batche352 i got a perm ban for being a bot i don't want a full unban due to the fact that i did have a client but i wasn't using it maliciously and i was just seeing what one could do. I understand that that is still against the rules but i dont believe i deserve a permanent ban since i said something only about 6-7 times then i got a perm ban. i am okay with a 30 day ban but in my opinion i fell like a permanent ban is a bit harsh for spam that i turned off immediately no i have not been punished before
  12. So I've been checking to see when happy has been on, and the last time was 2 days ago. So i'll be hangin around star ultra for a while and see if I can find him later. See you guys on the battle field.
  13. Yo, ill def be there soon!
  14. So i was just online after a long day at school, when i see the starultra server up. I was wondering who would be on. When i joined, the person was no other than HAPPY. He had told me he was taking a break from minecraft which is totally understandable. I hope StarUltra will be revived soon. See you guys on the battlefield. -Steve1020
  15. Sorry about my inconvinice my son did not know that he would get ban he said he normally used it for people who "griefed" his server. But then he moved on to doing in the "hub" which led him to getting ban. I am very sorry for what my son has done but he has a server he was working on that looked really cool he had lots of "games" as he states it. He just wants to play with his friends. I have had a serious talk to him about hacking and hacking other peoples internet, because thats against the law. His friends want to play with him because he was working with them to create a server with minehut.com and he was having a lot of fun! So it would be very nice if you could unban my son from minehut, he says he will never do it again, and I will make sure that he doesnt do it anymore. Regards Andrew Player: ByrazboyGamesYT
  16. It is dead and probabally will not be revived.
  17. I'm waiting on StarUltra for anyone. Dead or not.
  18. As you all know. Happy_brother has been gone for quite a while. A little birdie told me he was on vacation. As of now the staff team will shut down the server for the time being and not be active on it at all. When the owner comes back, we will be notified and come back. If he comes back. Please reply if you have any questions.
  19. Well I guess this is goodbye. It has been an honor to fight you all.
  20. I guess make a new server idk thats the reason i was inactive because he wasn't doing anything productive
  21. Dude StarUltra is dead
  22. I decided to just play on factions since no one is usually on. Would anyone like to join me? It's very lonely here.
  23. Ryanor


    Happy_brother has sorta just left... Idk what to do about it. He hasn't been online for 2 weeks

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