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MinePvP Your adventure starts here! Start with a stone pickaxe and a sword and fight for upgrades! SEASON 01 OUT NOW!

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  2. IGN (In game username): Opdoor Why were you punished: advertising without /ad Proof that you are not guilty: I am guilty but i accidentally added a . before the command please unban me i wont make this mistake again Have you been punished before: No
  3. You were banned on Minehut. This is not the correct place to appeal for that. This is a club form and their appeals section. Make an appeal here - https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/3-player-appeals/
  4. Every 15-20 minutes my server kicks all players sometimes giving the error "Timed Out" or something to do with connection. I checked logs and this is basically what it said every time. I was wondering if anyone had experience with this before or knew how to solve this problem. Thank you.
  5. I got falsely banned for boosting. I was on the FastGens server when I got randomly banned after a mod just tped to my base. I don't understand what happened, please tell me or report to me what I did wrong. My user is SendToe
  6. I got banned for botting even tho i didnt bot plus everyone in the server i was in said y My username is _dalphin_ i dont have any proof for not botting Ive never been banned before
  7. So I recently got banned for bot/botting. I do not know what that means so if i did the thing that said bot/botting I won't do it again I Promise I really want to get unbanned.
  8. Hello, i tried to set my server's version to 1.17, then i switched back to 1.16.5, checking that there were no 1.17 things. Now i can't start the server, it just says "starting" and then it goes back to offline.
  9. IGN (In game username): Alsikk_ Why were you punished: botting the server Proof that you are not guilty: I wanted to write one message, but I got lag, and I sended it like 50 times, it was by accident Have you been punished before: no
  10. IGN (In game username): 1osh Why were you punished: Botting the server Proof that you are not guilty: Hello, I just tried playing on minehut but sadly I was greeted to a perm ban saying yo have been banned for botting. I'm not even sure what botting is and I sure whatever it is I didn't do it. I have been going by the rules. Have you been punished before: No.
  11. IGN: HoguBoi Reason for ban: I believe I have been false banned as I do not remember ever cheating or violating the rules in minehut. I don't have photo proof however the reason for banning appears as I have never been punished before.
  12. "My brother did it! I SWAER IM GOOD BOY!!!!"
  13. IGN (In game username): dikke_bok_tor Why were you punished: i had an bad skin on Proof that you are not guilty: my brother changed my skin when he was on my account. so when i joined the hub i got banned Have you been punished before: no
  14. IGN Lexcaesar Why were you punished: Server ad without /ad Proof that you are not guilty: I just typed 2 times to join in my server, i didn't spammed. (You muted me, but you didn't muted the others spamming) Have you been punished before: I don't remember. I was inactive on minehut for months PS: Thank you for the welcome back that you gave me...
  15. This is not the right place to appeal from Minehut. This is just a club forum and their appeals section. Make an appeal here - https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/3-player-appeals/
  16. flamewhisperer_ I was banned for forever for legacy bot. I have no idea what this means nor do I know why this has happened. I've attached a screenshot. I've never played with any mods or external programs outside of optifine. Sometimes I get kicked out of my friends' servers for 'flying' although I presume it's only due to lag spikes and desync while I'm jump sprinting.
  17. I was so excited for my server and then, i get banned for botting my server? i dont know why that is happenning and i wanna get removed, my friend also had the same problem, Is name Is Fgamer2098. Also my username is CodeNameXero
  18. The correct place to make an appeal from Minehut is here - https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/3-player-appeals/ This category is the appeals section for a certain server, not Minehut.
  19. My friend made a minehut server and sent me the ip, i tried to join it and it says banned for being a bot or something. why? i just wanted to play
  20. If you are banned from Minehut as a while, the correct place to make an appeal is here - https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/3-player-appeals/
  21. Not sure why I'm permantely banned since I can't recall ever connecting to a minehut server. And I tried a few days ago and a messaged prompted up that I was banned. Username: GoldenDex
  22. Hello, my mc username is kqrljacobss and I was banned for being a bot?, I don't understand because I obviously am not. I was just enjoying a casual Minecraft game with my friends and was banned. None of my friends have had the same thing so please unban me.
  23. DrPogFoot Bot Im not a bot lol heres a photo nope
  24. Found right place to appeal, ignore.

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