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MinePvP Your adventure starts here! Start with a stone pickaxe and a sword and fight for upgrades! SEASON 01 OUT NOW!

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  2. Please submit an appeal here: https://minehut.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  3. I was banned from minehut for "predatory behavior". First of all I'm 16, second of all all I did was create a server that was meant to be ultra realistic where you start out as a fetus and then when someone gives birth to you you can play normal survival, and you can also reproduce. I apologize for doing that, and I didn't understand that it wasn't allowed, and I will never do that again, therefore I should be unbanned. My IGN is PublicStqticVoid, and please unban my other account from the website which goes by the email "m644008@gmail.com", thank you!
  4. Please submit an appeal here: https://minehut.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  5. Idk why I got muted It said "spamming/flooding" mute for 5 months. But I was playing a server when it said this, someone please help me.
  6. Please submit an appeal here: https://minehut.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  7. Please unban me I won't cuss I again i need to get my victory in cart im to good to leave cart alright and I can hit the griddy
  8. You can appeal here: https://minehut.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  9. IGN (In game username): DJ_Cheesus Why were you punished: For saying "this server is bad I cant start my server" Reason for unban: I said this as my server would not start. I got instantly banned permanently. I personally feel like a permanent ban is unfair and a shorter ban such as a year may have been more appropriate. Have you been punished before: I have had one mute before for a reason I cannot remember Thanks, DJ_Cheesus
  10. Ok, I guess I don't deserve to sugarcoat this, but I've been banned forever for 'Predatory Behavior' (My username, if you saw, was CreepersCreep06) What happened was some guy was (probably as a joke) advertising a different server saying to grief it because the owner is a kid. I, selfishly without really thinking, made the offhand remarks 'For real?' and right after... 'I really like attacking kids.' as a joke. I can promise you I have no prior behavioral abnormalities, nor intend to have any others, especially on such a subject on Minehut. I'm assuming a perfectly well-meaning mod took this quite seriously, and I'd like to apologize and look at any opportunities to appeal because I honest to god enjoy the privilege of this server and have an upgraded plan to show for it.
  11. I should be unbanned because I didn't do anything my cousin was playing on my account because he came over to my house and I fell asleep and he told me he said the n word and got me banned please unban me I didn't do anything all I wanted to do is to play with my friends on SMP server please staff. Thanks from gria
  12. IGN (In game username): doge8854 Why were you punished: Encouraging Bad Behavior Proof that you are not guilty: I said the following: "trent is online", "test, "hello", etc. Have you been punished before: Yes
  13. So i think the BOT muted me or the "anti Cheat" but i was sending a message you will see in the chat logs about "any smps? i sent the message twice not spamming or flooding chat as it said i was, you will see in chat logs i only sent the msg twice i think the anti cheat thought i was trying to spam but i really think it was a false mute by the BOT honestly i don't think the mute was on purpose or given by any mod but i would appreciate a unmute please and thank you have a nice day! FYI ingame name is Rekeis4907
  14. Hi! To file an appeal to our support team, please use this link instead: https://minehut.com/support/form
  15. IGN (In game username): Shusha09 Why were you punished: see photo below. Proof that you are not guilty:all i said was poop, pee and that i like to babysit kids. how tf, from a 13 years old that says "i like to babysit kids" is s. harassment?! Have you been punished before: No. never.
  16. IGN (In game username): DogemanGamez Why were you punished: I was talking to someone, when out of nowhere, I got muted with the following reason: "Encourging Bad Behaviour" Proof that you are not guilty: I was just talking to someone about a problem with the server. Have you been punished before: No, this is my first time getting muted. Please unmute me ASAP, I can't use /msg, I use it a lot
  17. I just read it it says I used slurs??? Slurs literally get censored and I don't even remember saying something like that...
  18. I was banned for saying something bad, I dont recall saying anything "bad" but if you say anything bad aren't you supposed to get muted? Anyway I came back from the bathroom and got banned, I barely talk on minehut and out of nowhere i get banned? Can I get unbanned, soon I wont be able to play at all I'd appreciate it if i was unbanned because as soon as I get unbanned I won't be playing.
  19. pls i copypasted the wrong thing
  20. I got banned for no reason it says im banned because auto advertise but i dont even have the mods to do that i already change my account pasword
  21. My IGN is nonkz, I got banned 15 seconds after I said this. I don't have any proof, but I do hope I can get unbanned. (I am replying because I forgot to include my IGN.)
  22. I got permanently banned for making a joke because there was someone trying to scam people by saying, "Send me your ETH wallet for $50!!!" which is clearly a scam. Then to mock him, I said, "Send me your address to get robbed!" as a joke. Two people saw me joking and said they wanted to, one of the people was a Legend rank whose name started with a capital N, and the other one I sadly forgot. If there is a possibility I could get unbanned that would be incredible as I do play on the Minehut server often.
  23. IGN: ItsGoodBoi Why I was Banned: I was banned for saying "gger" even though I did not say the n word. I understand why the Admins/Moderation bot would consider this the n word. I realize my mistake and I hope I can be forgiven. Proof I am not guilty: As soon as I said it I was banned. So I do not have any proof but you might be able to check the bot or something I do not know. Have you been punished before: I have not been punished before. (This is a 4 week ban so I am not sure if this forum is only for perma-bans)
  24. To whom it may concern, My username is _TheDawsonator_. I didnt know that I could say ligma in the chat and I was banned for 24 hours. I think more appropriate ban should have been being muted instead of banned. I love the minehut server and think this is all very unfair. Please help.

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