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  1. Ninventoo, for a moderator you have a little bit of a weird profile picture XD.

  2. I think I said that wrong but I'm not sure.
  3. Wait, wait if everyone is a robot then how come we say we are human but were really not? Life Questions that don't make sense "Volume I".
  4. I got my username when I played a different videogame called StarCraft 2. In the campaign, there was a character named Raynor, I really liked that character and my real life name is Ryan. So I tried to combine the names to come to Ryanor. It also seems simple and people can say my name in only six letters. I also never liked numbers in names. I thought it was kinda childish. To be honest this name feels unique. There could of been some other guy who took this name before me.
  5. Hello! I am currently working on a server that's called NoHaxAnarc *Name will probably be changed soon* and am looking for a builder that can create a spawn that resembles and mixture of nature and modern themes. Whoever can do this will gain the Builder rank on my server, it is still a work in progress as we are planning to add many things to make the server experience fun and appealing to players
  6. I like your GIF at the end of your comments XD.

    1. Bear


      That is called a signature. 

    2. Ryanor


      oh hi Bear


    3. Ryanor


      You should visit my server

  7. As you all know. Happy_brother has been gone for quite a while. A little birdie told me he was on vacation. As of now the staff team will shut down the server for the time being and not be active on it at all. When the owner comes back, we will be notified and come back. If he comes back. Please reply if you have any questions.
  8. Happy? Are you there? you've been gone for 2 weeks :(.

  9. Ryanor


    Happy_brother has sorta just left... Idk what to do about it. He hasn't been online for 2 weeks
  10. You're quitting minehut AS A WHOLE!?

    1. Bradybug115



      I am back

  11. Thank you for joining our StarUltra club Kailum!

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