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  1. Happy? Are you there? you've been gone for 2 weeks :(.

  2. Server was not up at the time what you need to do is go to minehut lobby and start the server by /join starultra2
  3. But if you would like to hop on our server it is StarUltra.Minehut.gg or /join starultra
  4. Not sure, we do not have a discord server.
  5. No problem, what is your minecraft user?
  6. Minehut has been crashing all day and dashboard has been broken so we are trying everything at this time. StarUltra Season 02 Will be up shortly..
  7. Hello, we have been working on something everyone will love! We decided to make another game! MinePvP will stay, we are adding Factions! Factions is a plugin commonly found on Minecraft multiplayer servers which allows players to team up with a group of other players. Usually, each faction is able to claim land to build a base on. Claimed land is often protected from being broken by other players who aren’t in the faction. Factions usually focus on winning PVP fights against other factions, and trying to destroy the base of other factions. It’s probably my favorite Minecraft gamemode, have fun with it! We are also making a main hub in StarUltra! We will have a drop party later on tonight SERVER RESETS 5PM CST!
  8. to another player, players are put in groups on minehut i'll try to figure it out.
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