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  1. Hey PHIL, we appreciate you replying. We are sorry that you have lost your items. The reason of the world being gone is we are in the process of recreating StarUltra. Please join here for more info https://discord.gg/W9tMkge @philippazfalk
  2. Hey guys I never actually knew that my Server has still been up and running! Because I have been inactive I have been working on a new project. I’m creating a new Minecraft StarUltra Server! MinePvP will have actual working crates with custom enchants and more shops! There will also be KOTHS!! There will be a starcity Roleplay and KitPvP! Join the Discord server here! We need you to join this! Old StarUltra will now be taken down! The new one will have a Beta Version July 4th! https://discord.gg/AxjDwc8
  3. how do i post on the ban appeal forum


  4. Hello everyone! I am bringing the server back up
  5. Happy? Are you there? you've been gone for 2 weeks :(.

  6. Server was not up at the time what you need to do is go to minehut lobby and start the server by /join starultra2
  7. But if you would like to hop on our server it is StarUltra.Minehut.gg or /join starultra
  8. Not sure, we do not have a discord server.
  9. No problem, what is your minecraft user?
  10. Minehut has been crashing all day and dashboard has been broken so we are trying everything at this time. StarUltra Season 02 Will be up shortly..
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