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pls help my server is broken



so i was playing with fireballs in my server with my friend and then i didnt realize that i spawned in a 1000 explosion power fireball and then it blew up the whole server and the server crashed. at first i thought it was gonna go back to normal after a while but nah, it won't even let me in. i tried restarting the server a few times, backing up the world, and nothing, all i get is either 
ReadTimeoutException : null
Could not connect to a default or fallback server, please try again later:

pls someone help me, thanks

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Hey there!
You could try to visit you server dashboard and find the Danger Zone section! Once you are there look for the Repair files button! This should solve your problem!

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Repair Files won't work, as fire ball is not a file. Try doing /stoplag command and after that /stoplag -c.


Make sure to kill all entities after You do that.



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1 hour ago, ViolentStormz said:

darkspxder what did you try? because i did the exact same thing 😞

Are you having issues with too many entities in your server, causing it to crash the server? If so, I suggest one of 2 things:

1) Clearing Entities From Console

Without joining the server, follow the steps below on the minehut dashboard's console, not in the server itself. Here is how to do that with the console:

How to clear entities:

1) Press "ACTIVATE" on the server

2) Press "EDIT SERVER" or "CONTINUE" to go to your main server editor

3) Scroll down a little bit and enter the following in the console and press enter:

kill @e[type=! player]

4) Afterwards, wait a few seconds then type "save-all" in the console and enter

5) Restart the server, and try to join.


2) Using Skript To Clear Entities

You will need to have the plugin "Skript" installed on your server. After installing, make sure to restart your server, then you can do the following:

1) Press "ACTIVATE" on the server

2) Press "EDIT SERVER" or "CONTINUE" to go to your main server editor

3) Go to the "FILE MANAGER" tab which can be found from the top

4) Find the folder/directoy named "plugins" and open it

5) Find the folder/directory named "Skript" and open it

6) Find the folder/directory named "scripts" and open it

7) Create a new file, name it whatever you want, but make sure it ends with ".sk" (so, for example, like this: clearentities.sk)

8 ) Open that file and paste the following inside:

every 1 second:
  kill all entities

9) Hit save on the bottom, then go to the "APPEARANCE" tab found from the top

10) Find the box named "Server Command" and type the following inside (replace "[file]" with whatever you named the skript file):

sk reload [file]

11) Wait a little bit and then restart your server. See if you can join now.

Hope this helps you out!

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