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  1. Bedrock players have *before their name. So You need to teleport them by using *{name} or {name}
  2. In my honest opinion, that won't be possible. But we will see
  3. Join Minecraft Server (Minehut.com), then type /create in chat. Link: https://minehut.com/signup
  4. send title "xyz" with subtitle "xyz" to player + wrong section
  5. Do You have Minecraft Premium? When did You buy it?
  6. Where Can I check the codes for other color? Or how did You know how to change &#f304e8 to &x&f&3&0&4&e&8
  7. Look in Script Release category
  8. Does anyone know, why this happens? I set the prefix to this "&e ▪ &8[&#f304e8&lLegend&8] &#ff39e6", and it does not work as it should. Thanks :]
  9. Do You still experience this issue? There is a chance minehut had some problems with hosting!
  10. You can not delete a server, You can only reset to fabric version, to start from the beginning. Dashboard -> Danger zone -> Reset server
  11. I think there is a discount with a code PLAYMINEHUT or FUN4ALL 50% both
  12. Post this post in correct section next time - Server Advertisment
  13. centralwtf

    Lock my forums

    Reach here and explain them Your problem! https://minehut.com/support/faq
  14. You will need to update Your minecraft
  15. centralwtf

    Delete account request

    Please head here: https://minehut.com/support/faq
  16. Easy way to do that. Would be installing world-guard, and creating a flag on the area You want the spawn to be. /rg flags {flag You created} block-break/place deny. Requires World Guard
  17. You need to get api key from tebex store, and type the command that is shown on the server.
  18. centralwtf

    wrong server

    Make sure that Your friends types "lukastomas" and not "lukas tomas". Otherwise, contact support
  19. Do You mean "playerserver" that is the only default plugin that can not be deleted. However, You can set flight in settings to on, so It should not kick you. Dashboard -> settings -> flight
  20. lmfao why don't you just add allias to rules. will be much easier
  21. Im scared, that this plugin is not up-to-date, and won't work on 1.16.5. However I found an alternativte for that. (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/lightningstrike.83076/) - take a look at that.
  22. okey! If You need anything, ask here
  23. You are missing this file on your pc (https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=48145). After download, restart your pc.
  24. You can instal world-guard plugin on Your server and set tnt to deny. /rg flags -> (look for tnt) -> set to deny
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