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  1. What exactly is the problem here? What are you trying to do?
  2. MrTibo

    Random Ban

    pardon YourName on the Server Command section at -> Edit Server Also make sure to not OP people or give permissions to players you don't trust, someone with perms banned you and your friends
  3. MrTibo

    I Need Help

    Simply give yourself operator permissions by typing op PlayerName in the Console Command section on the dashboard
  4. MrTibo

    what are alts?

    aka Alternative accounts, extra Minecraft accounts
  5. For world files 100-500MB it's best to use Dropbox with the /ul command, and making sure ?dl=1 at the end of the share url Did you change the level name setting by any chance? You can check the worlds you have installed on the server either via the file manager or /worlds, and look around if one of them is your world
  6. MrTibo

    reset wont work

    Restart the server after you've clicked reset
  7. MrTibo


  8. MrTibo


    A message that can be ignored
  9. If you're using a cracked account, that's where your problem is. You can only join Minehut with an account
  10. You can use Dropbox to upload worlds with /ul up to 500MB, make sure to change ?dl=0 to ?dl=1 in the link when you do
  11. MrTibo

    Server Reset?

    You might have changed the Level name setting in the Settings tab of the dashboard, in this case, set it back to what it was previously (the default value is world ) and it should be fixed after a restart
  12. Can you copy the logs after your server crashed and share that? It will show what's going wrong
  13. You can fix it with these steps: Start your server and don't join yet Go to your Dashboard -> Edit Server -> Appearance -> Server Command Send the command gamerule randomTickSpeed 3 (exactly, it's case-sensitive) Join the server
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