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  1. MrTibo

    What does this mean?

    You don't have to host a discord bot to use DiscordSRV, you can simply create a new bot on https://discord.com/developers/applications and edit the token in the DiscordSRV config file. You can refer to the CFAQ below for a detailed tutorial
  2. MrTibo

    What does this mean?

    Older logs are archived, and the panel doesn't support showing archived files and shows gibberish like that instead. Sadly you can only view the latest.log, but you can use something like DiscordSRV to link your console with a Discord channel that you can always view.
  3. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO USE LIFT REQUIREMENTS: Lift (Elevators) DIFFICULTY: EASY What is Lift Lift is a simple little plugin that makes it very easy to create elevators in your world. It is easy to set up and modify! How to set up an elevator To start using Lift, you first need to install the plugin on your server. For more information on how to install plugins, you can view this CFAQ. Creating a new elevator is as simple as placing a couple blocks, and you’re ready to go! Your elevator will need base blocks on the bottom floor, these
  4. MrTibo


    Navigate to your Dashboard -> Edit server -> Appearance -> Send console command and enter into the box pardon YourName or unban YourName
  5. Navigate to your Dashboard -> Edit server -> Appearance -> Send console command and enter into the box pardon YourName or unban YourName
  6. If you changed the Level name setting on the Settings tab, change that setting back to the original name (default is world) and restart the server. You can also check /worlds to see a list of all worlds installed on your server.
  7. MrTibo


    Try using the /worlds command to teleport to your overworld, and then set your spawnpoint where you want it to be
  8. MrTibo

    Resource packs

    Generally googling for minecraft resource packs gives you some good results, and top tier lists
  9. Panel uploads are limited to 50MB Use the /ul world <world name> <direct link> command instead to upload worlds. You can get a direct link by using https://www.file.io/ (up to 100MB) or https://www.dropbox.com/ (up to 500MB, don't forget to change ?dl=0 to ?dl=1 on the share link) You can find a detailed explanation in this CFAQ
  10. MrTibo

    My server isn't working.

    Hey, did you change the tickspeed or spawn in loads of items by any chance? If you changed your tickspeed, use the Send console command box on your Dashboard (Edit server -> Appearance) and run the command gamerule randomTickSpeed 3 to reset the tickspeed If you spawned a lot of items, you can go to the same place and run the command minecraft:kill @e[type=item]
  11. MrTibo


    You can join any Minehut server with the IP (Server name).minehut.gg or by joining the Minehut lobby on minehut.com and using the command /join (Server name)
  12. MrTibo

    I cant join my server

    You can't join Minehut with a cracked account, you need to buy an account to join https://www.minecraft.net/
  13. EssentialsX is the continuation of the original plugin. After installing EssentialsX you have to restart your server in order for the plugin to load. You can find a more detailed tutorial on how to install plugins here
  14. O Minehut não oferece suporte a contas pirateadas, você deve comprar o Minecraft para poder entrar no Minehut https://www.minecraft.net/
  15. You can temporarily disable the whitelist to let them join, or OP them (bypasses whitelist), this issue is likely fixed after a restart
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