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  1. Yea, Try killing all entities but be careful with that, It will remove animals, item frames etc.
  2. File manager > logs > latest one
  3. Try repairing Files. Dashboard > Danger Zone > Repair files. EDIT: Show logs
  4. Repair Files won't work, as fire ball is not a file. Try doing /stoplag command and after that /stoplag -c. Make sure to kill all entities after You do that. *DO THAT THROUGH CONSOLE*
  5. Hi everyone! I wonder how did You guys learn to Script in Minecraft. Maybe it was an Youtube Tut, or You learned it Yourself. Im curious becouse I really want to get better at scripting, and I am looking for some cool guide/tutorial. Thanks a lot EDIT: I posted it in wrong section sorry admin :(((
  6. Try using skBee to make recipes. It's not that hard.
  7. yea, I also have this "bug" ;c
  8. try /stoplag command, and after that /stoplag -c. If it still does not work install clear lag plugin.
  9. Good Job Minehut staff for keeping our community clean from bad people Love ya
  10. centralwtf

    Download of world

    do /dl world {world name}, and download the world from the link in the chat
  11. centralwtf


    what do You mean only screenshots?
  12. try //copy the place You want to make schematic. And then"/schem save filename". The file should be in File menager > Plugins > WorldEdit > Schematics
  13. centralwtf


    for what and why
  14. i would rather turn the lights off, than smashing them haha
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