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Community Answers

  1. it means that You are trying to clear to many blocks. Use Skript insted.
  2. Bedrock players have *before their name. So You need to teleport them by using *{name} or {name}
  3. In my honest opinion, that won't be possible. But we will see
  4. Join Minecraft Server (Minehut.com), then type /create in chat. Link: https://minehut.com/signup
  5. send title "xyz" with subtitle "xyz" to player + wrong section
  6. Do You have Minecraft Premium? When did You buy it?
  7. Where Can I check the codes for other color? Or how did You know how to change &#f304e8 to &x&f&3&0&4&e&8
  8. Look in Script Release category
  9. Does anyone know, why this happens? I set the prefix to this "&e ▪ &8[&#f304e8&lLegend&8] &#ff39e6", and it does not work as it should. Thanks :]
  10. Do You still experience this issue? There is a chance minehut had some problems with hosting!
  11. You can not delete a server, You can only reset to fabric version, to start from the beginning. Dashboard -> Danger zone -> Reset server
  12. I think there is a discount with a code PLAYMINEHUT or FUN4ALL 50% both
  13. Post this post in correct section next time - Server Advertisment
  14. centralwtf

    Lock my forums

    Reach here and explain them Your problem! https://minehut.com/support/faq
  15. You will need to update Your minecraft
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