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How to set up TNTRun Reloaded


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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q


REQUIREMENTS: TNTRun Reloaded, WorldEdit

Introduction to TNTRun Reloaded:

With TNTRun Reloaded you can add the classic TNTRun minigame to your own server. The plugin is highly configurable, so you are able to set it up entirely to your liking.

How to set up a TNTRun arena:

You have to do a couple of things to create a working TNTRun arena, which will now be explained in more detail. First of all, you will have to add a new arena to the list, you can do this with /trsetup create <arena name>. Now we can start defining the bounds and lose level of the arena. Below is a simple example arena 👇


The red glass is a visualization of the arena bounds. If your players try to go outside of the bounds during the game, they will be teleported back. You can set the bounds by first selecting a region with WorldEdit, and then using the command /trsetup setarena <arena name>.
The yellow glass shows the ‘lose level’. When players hit this region while playing, they are out of the game. The lose level has to be inside of the arena bounds! You can set the lose level of the arena with the same steps as before, but this time using the command /trsetup setloselevel <arena name>.
Last but not least, your arena will need one or more spawn points. You can set the spawn point using /trsetup setspawn <arena name>. If you need more than one spawn point, you can also use the command /trsetup addspawn <arena name>. If you later change your mind, you can use the command /trsetup deletespawnpoints <arena name> to delete all the extra spawn points which were added with the addspawn command.
Optionally, you can also add a spectator spawn. That way, players that don’t want to play can join the arena as a spectator. You can set a spectator spawn using /trsetup setspectate <arena name>.

When you have done all of these steps correctly, you first have to ‘finish’ the arena before players can play on it. To do this, you have to use the command /trsetup finish <arena name>. If you missed something while setting up the arena, it will return a message that looks like this: oB3EtQDfPajg5_lREmXmMw9aK3AzDNYKNgEongqq411R9fi8VxCMtHDQGnApWrdPM5wQ4gFYuNU4oNHnrpWfUNClA-Sr_MDL4DH4slmN2NUahFKs1qK3Jt4MO73Chg
If you did everything correctly, the message will return the following:Wm25YPyRL6F4MiAAd-DUqiArk9Qzbs5qWFN9bi8vNLA3xx8ZjZLpsAOF_7ODTt9MQM6mt9_IPwzTCKPfsPN8bykTgaZ-iy91x_rFcH-3gSHkpXEeKVJJ1Dq6TMtLGA
And automatically enable the arena, so players will now be able to play on it!

If you want to give your players an easy way to join an arena, you can place join signs where your players can reach them. To create a join sign, simply follow the format which is shown below:


The result will look something like the picture below. The third line will show the name of the arena, and the fourth line will show the arena's player count.


If you don’t like how the plugin looks out of the box, you can fully customize it to your likings. There are a lot of commands and a couple of config options to change how the plugin looks. You can find out more about customization by clicking this link.

Useful permissions

tntrun.join - used to control who can join TNTRun and from where

tntrun.setup - required to run /trsetup commands

tntrun.start - allow players to start an arena before the minimum player count is reached

tntrun.spectate -  allow players to join an arena as a spectator

tntrun.listrewards - allow players to list the arena rewards

tntrun.doublejumps.<amount> - limit allowed double jumps using permissions

Require further assistance?:

If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, or join our Discord!

📎 TNTRun Set up tutorial

Compiled by MrTibo at the Minehut Staff Team

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DMs open - Discord » mrtibo | or send a forum message

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Great job, MrTibo. What an interesting plugin, TNTRun is. Very glad to see a CFAQ on what it is and how to use it. 

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Awesome and detailed CFAQ! And great pictures that you provided. 

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