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How to use VoidGenerator


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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q


REQUIREMENTS: Void Generator



NOTICE Before continuing this read, please keep in mind that the new update for VoidGenerator (v 2.0), the generator was renamed from "VoidGenerator" to "VoidGen" so keep that in mind when specifying which generator to use

Introduction to VoidGenerator

VoidGenerator is a nifty little plugin that allows you to set your entire world to nothing, quite useful if you don't want some random terrain getting in your way of building! This plugin also has some specific features some may not know about and today I'll be covering those features over and telling you how to use this plugin. The examples in this post will use Multiverse so if you want to get a quick understanding of it, I suggest you check out this Community FAQ about Multiverse.


Getting Started

If this is your first time using this plugin, you will see nothing has changed when you installed and restarted your server. This is because we need to tell the server what worlds should use VoidGenerator. This is actually pretty easy, if you have the plugin Multiverse installed, you can create a new world using VoidGenerator with the following command.

/mv create hello normal -g VoidGenerator

The command might look confusing but essentially we’re creating a new normal (overworld) world with the flag  -g   which simply tells Multiverse to use a specific generator, which in our case is VoidGenerator. 


Worldwide Biomes (Optional)

Let's dig into another feature VoidGenerator which I like to call world-wide biomes. Essentially this lets you set an entire world to a single biome, neat right? You can achieve this by adding  :<biome>  at the end of the generator. Here's an example with the Multiverse command we talked about earlier:

/mv create hello normal -g VoidGenerator:PLAINS

This command will set the entire world to plains and you won't need to worry about your grass or water’s ever-changing color because of the biome.


Void Darkness (Optional)

If you have ever used VoidGenerator before to make a void world, you might've noticed that if you go under  Y-level 64 , the sky becomes dark. Well don't worry, because there's a way around that! Changing your level type to  FLAT  will simply remove this darkness. Back to using Multiverse for our examples, you can simply add  -t FLAT  at the end of the command to set the level type to  FLAT .

/mv create hello normal -g VoidGenerator:PLAINS -t FLAT

And just like that, you have an empty world that's not only the plains biome but also without the sky going dark.


Without Multiverse

Let's say you want to save up your plugin slots, just don't have a use for Multiverse, or you want to modify your default world's generator, well luckily Minecraft has a way for us to modify how the world generators directly without the use of plugins! Firstly, if you will be using a world that already exists keep in mind that you will need to delete that world for it to replace its existing loaded terrain with new ones. Now that we got that out of the way, let's teach you how to change a world's generator. First, you want to open up  bukkit.yml  and scroll down. Then you want to put this little snippet on its own line at the end of everything:



    generator: VoidGenerator[:<biome>]

All you need to do is change  <worldname>  to the name of the world you want to modify. Let's say in our case we want to change the world  world  which is the vanilla world by default. Now you see that  :<biome>  is between square brackets, that's just there to let you know it's optional and it isn't required. For our example we want to set the entire world to a swamp biome, if so this is how our end product would look like:



    generator: VoidGenerator:SWAMP

That's it!  All we would need to do now is to stop the server, delete the folder named  world  and start it back up giving us a new world with it being empty. Remember if you want to remove the void darkness, you would have needed to go to the dashboard and set the level type. You can do this by going to  Dashboard -> Settings -> Level Type -> FLAT .


Require further assistance?

If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, or join our Discord!

Compiled by Santio71


Edited by Santio71
Add notice for VoidGen v2.0 and above

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Great CFAQ! This is a super awesome plugin, and I'm glad there is now an informative post about it. I hope to see more CFAQs from you in the future, Santio!

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