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How to Support Older Versions


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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q



Introduction to Supporting Older Versions:

Minehut servers support the latest version of Minecraft, however. You can use this knowledge to make your server support older versions for players who prefer using them. You aren’t allowed to switch your server versions from the dashboard nor control panel, so you would need a plugin to do it. Follow the instructions below.


ProtocolSupport Installation:

Head to the plugins page on your control panel, then install ProtocolSupport. With ProtocolSupport, you may continue to play on your server whilst allowing other players to continue using the Minecraft versions they prefer (Allows versions from 1.8+ to connect to your server). However, players from older versions like 1.8 will not be able to see surroundings from later versions (For example, some areas in the nether would just be filled with random blocks, mobs and nametags If the player is on an older version)


Alternative Installation (ViaVersions):

If you are having issues or don’t want to use ProtocolSupport. Install ViaVersions along with ViaBackwards (allows 1.9+ versions to connect) and ViaRewind (allows 1.8+ versions to connect) as it is required for the alternative plugin (ViaVersion) to work properly. This plugin functions similarly to ProtocolSupport, but requires three plugins instead of one.


Old/1.8 Combat:

If you would rather have 1.8 combat. Install plugins such as OldCombatMechanics, Combat Elite or BackToTheRoots (Plugins that reverse the combat update on your server). These plugins will have the potential to do that.


Require further assistance?:

If you need extra assistance on this topic, leave a comment, someone will be able to help! Additionally, join our Discord, found here, or head over to the help category of forums, found here!


Compiled by the Minehut Staff Team

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Excellent CFAQ! Great job, super detailed. Excited to see more CFAQ's from you!

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I like this. Going to 100% share this with people having version compatibility problems. 😍

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Hello there! If you're reading this, hope you're having a wonderful day!


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10 hours ago, GwiazdaF said:

i know this post is quite old, but i wanted to ask is it possible to do the same with plugins for an example a plugin from 1.12.2 on 1.20.1 is that possible to make with any plugins?

No these plugins only allow older clients to connect. They do not change anything to do with how plugins function.

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