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  1. You could, it's a bit risky. It may crash your server but when you re-open it, it should appear. You could try it, but I highly recommend you to issue /save-all before you do.
  2. Head to Server Properties and find the tab called "Level Name". Enter the name of your world that you wish to make the main.
  3. Heyo! Please correct it to "Click Type". You typed "Clicked type"
  4. on right click on wheat: if player is holding a hoe: cancel event message "{@tag} &aYou succesfully farmed wheat!" set block to air drop wheat set durability of player's tool to (durability of player's tool + 1) add 1 to {xp.%player%} set event-block to air wait 10 seconds set event-block to crops Try this.
  5. Heyo! Please consider using the Skript addon: Vixio. Here are the docs: https://olyno.github.io/Vixio/documentation/ Feel free to mess around with it. I'm not sure about the API, but this is something you could use as an alternative.
  6. I like Ssundee and Minehut tutorials.
  7. amazing. I want to call you a bot too, but I don't know you as much as I know Jackson. gg, much luv.
  8. GG Bot VIP is lame, I already have it. Jk, luv u.
  9. Jackson, just admit it. I'm a bot...

  10. @Jackson85, it's a nice meme you got there, but good luck beating this: Enhanced by Tresre. It's very original, I presume... Anyways, have fun.
  11. Hello, I'm glad to hear my code was able to help you. I'll help you with your request for now, but please prefer to the documents, consider using skripthub.net. For your first request, consider using this: command /games: trigger: GamesMenu(player) on right click: if name of player's tool is "&bGame Selector": GamesMenu(player) function GamesMenu(p: player): open virtual chest with size 3 named "Games" to {_p} format gui slot 11 of player with iron chestplate named "&bKitPvP" format gui slot 12 of player with stick named "&bSumo" format gui slot 13 of player with red bed named "&bBedwars" format gui slot 14 of player with stone named "&bFactions" format gui slot 15 of player with lava bucket named "&bAnarchy" Regarding your second request consider using this: if player is in world "world": You add it in a skript you currently have. I don't think an example is required.
  12. format slot 11 with iron chestplate named "&bKitPvP" to run: #code It's as simple as that. You could make a teleport event such as: I made it a spoiler, if you'd like to learn it yourself, but go ahead if you'd like to.
  13. You may use essentials for this. I'm not sure how to do it as I've never used Essentials before, but otherwise consider using skript: on join: if {Joins::*} does not contain player: add stone sword named "&7Default Sword" to player add player to {Joins::*} If you don't know how to use skript, consider watching our tutorial videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3pD8Ghxh7nAhpnhkClCuHg
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