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  1. Hi everyone, Please do not listen to rmather12 in the minehut discord. I was the one who created the map and rmather12 banned me from builder team so I rightfully took the map back. He also broke the Minecraft Eula because his server is paid to win. He is saying he built it but he never. I cant speak in the minehut discord because I need to wait 10 minutes to speak. Thanks, Scott
  2. I think that you should make a tutorial for players on how to do this on a video episode, I think this will help clear up some confusion some people may still have!
  3. I think this is a great update, adding the Restart button is going to help the Minehut Community More! -Thanks for adding the restart button. #RestartButton
  4. ****UPDATE**** For Today ONLY There will be a Public Beta Testing. Until Full Release!
  5. Where it says Prizing (USA Only) what do people who are outside of the USA recieve if they happend to win?
  6. Update** I will be back tommorow, flying back tonight.
  7. Thank you Wolfeee_ Glad your excited for DoomDay! You can apply in the DoomDay Group here on the forums to be a BETA Tester if you wish or you can apply on our discord https://discord.gg/nwXgPA7 -Smjokster
  8. Hi everyone, Ill be away for 2 weeks beginning the 6th of July! ^ I cannot guarantee that I will reply to DM's or Messages on Discord during this time ^ (Although I might) Thanks, Smjokster
  9. (Edit) -- Thanks for "the" interest in being a Beta Tester for DOOMDAY!
  10. Smjokster

    Brackets before my name

    Hi Nd_, Looks like its fixed now but you can do it in game also! First: do /mv config prefixchat false And thats you done, no need to stop and start your server -Smjokster
  11. Hi FoxVelvett, Try Stopping your server and Starting it again, if that doesn't work the MH Web Panel is currently slow atm, but the Minehut team is working on it. -Smjokster
  12. Smjokster

    Cant login...

    Hi Willinox, If you are talking about the MH Web Panel, its currently slow atm. Minehut know about this issue and are working on it. -Smjokster
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