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  1. +1 even though I'm not a donor I absolutely agree.
  2. BuilderDev

    space Plugin

    Looks cool, I would love to see this in minehut as a cool server
  3. Hi there minehutters, as many of you know what script is, we all know most of the addons on minehut, but it just doesn't have the others that we need! Here is where I am, I would like to get SkUtilities, here is the link to it! https://github.com/tim740/skUtilities/releases please add it! that's all for now though so cya!
  4. Hi there this is for all those mc builders out there who use voxelsniper and who cant do /b eb [smooth, melt, fill, life] and would like to do that, please get the plugin betterbrushes, it really makes the plugin voxelsniper a lot nicer anyway ty here is a link, just be careful as its not from the official author and its from mediafire
  5. I feel it is insanely unfair that scripters get their own set of channels and builders don't! Where's our channels! Please make us channels like script has on the forums please! its unfair so please and ty do this!
  6. boi! where is galaxy (he is better then me) im trying to also make the list currently in the progress of making a server core then hopefully a data api/database for the server
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