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  1. can you make me a expexive pickaxe skript if a pickaxes named &cUkei and lore Ukei it will break a 3x2 raduis and you can onky break certain blocks like cobblestoen iron and crying oby it also need to give the blocks mined to the player

  2. hey bro can you help me with some skript

    1. mrclipse


      i needa /dupe command that makes your current item/block in your hand into a stack even if it's normally unstackable.

    2. gayphrog
  3. I couldn't do # as it would mess up the skript because # ignores all the code after it in that line so I changed it to @message command /sc <text>: permission: staffchat.use permission message: &cYou do not have access to use this command! trigger: loop all players: if loop-player has permission "staffchat.use": send "&8[&b&lS&3&lC&8] %player's prefix%&6%player%%player's suffix%&8: &e%colored arg-1%" to loop-player on chat: if message starts with "@": if player has permission "staffchat
  4. command /ban [<offlineplayer>] [<text>]: trigger: if player does not have permission "ban.use": send "&cYou are not permitted to run this command!" stop if arg-1 is not set: send "&c/ban (player) [reason] [-s]" stop if arg-1 has permission "ban.use": send "&cThat player cannot be banned!" stop if player is not set: set {_p} to "CONSOLE" else: set {_p} to player if arg-1 is banned:
  5. # This is to set the lobby location command /setlobby: permission: op permission message: &cYou do not have permission to execute this command. trigger: set {lobby} to player's location send "&f[&a&lLOBBY&f] &aLobby has been set to %{lobby}%&a." # These are the commands to get to the lobby command /l: trigger: teleport player to {lobby} send "&aYou have been teleported to the lobby." command /h: trigger: teleport player to {lobby}
  6. options: min.x: -250 #DO NOT TOUCH! max.x: 250 #DO NOT TOUCH! min.z: -250 #DO NOT TOUCH! max.z: 250 #DO NOT TOUCH! avoid: air or water block or lava block or stone block or sandstone block or mossy cobblestone block or dirt block perm: sparx.wild #CHANGE TO YOUR PERMISSION! cooldown: 60 second #CHANGE TO YOUR COOLDOWN! (Formats: second/s, minute/s, hour/s, day/s) Command /wild: trigger: set {_waited} to difference between {wild.%player%.lastused} and now if {_waited} is less than {@cooldown}: message "&7
  7. PlayerParticles Update Request Can you please update PlayerParticles plugin from version 6.4 to version 7.12, it is really outdated and they have lots of amazing new features https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/playerparticles.40261/
  8. on rightclick: player's tool = ender pearl set {epcooldown.%player's uuid%} to 8 #change 8 to however long you want the cooldown to be (In seconds) on rightclick: player's tool = ender pearl if {epcooldown.%player's uuid%} > 0: send action bar "&cYou are on cooldown for %{epcooldown.%player's uuid%}%&c more seconds." to player cancel event every second: # you may have to make it every second in "worldname": loop all players: if {epcooldown.%loop-player's uuid%} > 0: take 1 from {epcooldown.%loop-player's uuid%} @Cr
  9. permission: none command: /tps Status - TPS: Good 19 - 20, Moderate 16 - 18, Bad 13 - 15, Really Bad 0 - 12 preview: TPS With Status.txt
  10. I'm bored... reply with what skript you want me to make for you
  11. realy🙄



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  12. how do you do skript?


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