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  1. https://gyazo.com/f4305631dffa8004bfc7bf1b840b2878
  2. trust me its him. he knew a server we made that only got 3 players than shut down
  3. Remember those days with /cp also you kinda forgot alot of people on the AOMP
  4. when you coming backing again?
  5. Who tf are you i had that skript from like 2 years ago
  6. incorrect because Rpg is Role playing game and who says your not role playing as a fisher
  7. i could release my server and you can see but ehh
  8. you should start the event at 150 players in the group
  9. another thing you can do is post a theme then a hour before say the event change it
  10. get like 10 themes and randomly select them with a skript or something
  11. I think the Theme Should be Parkour. The winner Should be Decided on a Staff Team and the Prize Should be a Custom Rank Which is kept until the next event. I say at most a Team of 2 people and you should have 24 hours to create the server. also the MOTD of the server should include something like EVENT SERVER PARKOUR During the staff team voting i think they should vote on Builds, Skript/cmdblocks, lag and Effects another theme could be a Fishing RPG
  12. XXXCanadian


    i said that cause its a paid plugin
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