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  1. Should be next week or maybe sooner. Soon as the internet router comes
  2. Let the server go offline then start it up again
  3. What type of server is this ?
  4. On mine of redstone: Cancel event Set event-block to air Wait 60 seconds Set event-block to redstone
  5. Add me on discord lol


    lets talk about stuff lol

  6. I think you can add what versions you want to beAe to join your server with the protocolsupport plugin addon if minehut still has
  7. Youtubejr

    Gif Profile Pic?

    problem solved v
  8. Wish I could help you out, last time I got banned was 2 years ago. Plus I delete most of my screen shots
  9. Youtubejr


    Well, that is true. I just like Ming there because the top and bottom is where most people mine
  10. Youtubejr


    Ye for the people who can skript, this is good for the people who can’t and why don’t you make one and release it xx
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