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  1. Alright ladies and gents.. I am here today to present to you what Benny calls a Puzzle.. The link is here: https://minehut.com/panel/minecraft/plugins Then type "Private" You will then see a link.. Open that link its a QR CODE I "Decoded" that and got this (Cipher awell). RGJCd25md0xkMlJ6SzNBMVR6RnRUVVZVZUlxNUdPRzFPU0N5WFNMNQ== but im lost at this.. Please help me
  2. Wait im confused, you replied to this and i got notified?
  3. command /reaction: trigger: open virtual chest with 6 rows named "&9&l Reaction Time" to player set {_1} to random integer between 0 and 53 set {_2} to -1 loop 54 times: add 1 to {_2} format gui slot {_2} of player with red wool with no nbt named "&c&lNOPE!" with lore "&c&lDONT CLICK ME!" to run: player command "lost" format gui slot {_1} of player with green wool with no nbt named "&9&lAIM TRAINER" with lore "&a&lCLICK ME!" to run:
  4. So much stuff you can improve, you could of done one on join: for all your variables etc..
  5. That's why you display it as %{yourvariable::%player's uuid%}%
  6. That literally doesn't matter at all.. I'm also removing 1 word by using %player's uuid%..
  7. unminingpvp is fucking terrible, it hurts my eyes to see it on top player list like YIKESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  8. You can youse "::" and "uuid" Example: set {rank::%arg-2's uuid%} to "&c&lADMIN&c"
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