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  1. Well not here to pick wether you should or shouldn't. it's your option
  2. Just in case here is the error im getting probably same with others.
  3. Yours looks good at the same time, but everything always has flaws. Good job with yours too
  4. I know I could use functions, but I made it simple and understanding for most people who start out to use Skript. If I had used "{@perm}.gamemode.%arg-2%" that would have given a little more problem since I would have to make sure that they can actually run it ass well with 1, 2, 3 or a, c, s or creative, survival, adventure Well if I didn't use multiple lines for the stop, it wouldn't register the command when you are giving it to the other player I added it just incase people wanted to only have it for specific players. post the Skript you ranged
  5. This is just a very cheesy Skript for people who just want to make it. But don't feel like making it at all XD So I made it out of love and care and a lot of bars of soap banging on peoples heads I know scripts can be improved in many ways but I like it this way but please still tell me if can still improve Permission x-core.* x-core.gamemode x-core.gamemode.survival x-core.gamemode.survival.others x-core.gamemode.creative x-core.gamemode.creative.others x-core.gamemode.adventure x-core.gamemode.adventure.others x-core.gamemode.spectator x-core.gamemode.spectator.others Commands /gamemode <player> Survival | Creative | Adventure | Spectator GameMode.sk
  6. Minehut should be able to work something around it eventually
  7. If its possible to add Skript-mirror so that we can have more implementations towards skript
  8. This is a very simple Mention Script, where player need this permission to say a players name. Permission: sk.mention Once they have that permission they will be able to send a players name in chat, the receiver will get a EXP sound in their end making sure that they are their. To be able to change the color of the Mention you will be going to Line 9 of the script and looking for this "&6&l@%loop-player%&r" Mention.sk
  9. Hello, this is just a GUI skript where you can make it easier for your staff members to ban, mute, tempban, warn DISCLAIMERS: You will need to have ether a custom skript for ban, mute, tempban, warn i will not be providing these since it's a little time consuming and i don't have time Download Link: Punishments.sk Requirements: Skript Tuske or Tuske Pikachu's Update
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