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  1. broadcast timer PLEASE

    1. ProfCube


      I made this extremely simple

      	message: "&b&lMinehut &8» &7We're having a 50%% sale going on our store @ store.burcraft.net" or "&b&lMinehut &8» &7If you have spotted a hacker, you can do &c/report&7 to report them" or "&b&lMinehut &8» &7We encorage you to do &c/rule&7 to go over any information so that you don't get banned!" or "&b&lMinehut &8» &7If you need any assistance you can do &c/helpop&7 to get attention from our staff team. "
      every 5 minute:
      	broadcast ""
      	broadcast {@message}
      	broadcast ""

      Under the options to add your message that will be picked randomly from. You will need to put them in " " and then to add more you will need to add or after the quotes.

      Every 5 minutes the server will spit out a random message for your players to see


      Just change your massages to what you want, color codes are supported okay


    2. hahhaskrpitgobrrrr
  2. I have sent you a message with all the commands and permission that will help you
  3. options: badwords: "fuck" and "shit" and "ass" broadcast_on: &aWe hve turned cathlic broadcast_off: &cYou may speak the devils wordings badword_message: &2*&a We don't speak the devils wording&2 * on chat: if {sfw::word} is true: if {sfw::word::*} contains {@badwords}: if player has permission "sfw.bypass": stop else: send "{@badword_message}" cancel event command /sfw [<text>]: permission: sfw.command permission message: &cYou currently don't have access to this command. Contact your adminitrator if this is a mistake! trigger: if a
  4. A little bit more specific, like for the items of the command it self?
  5. on first join: if {coin::%uuid of player%} isn't set: set {coin::%uuid of player%} to 0 on death: if attacker is a player: if the victim is a player: add 1 to {coin::%attacker%} send action bar "&7You have killed &e%player%&7 we have added &e1&7 point!" to attacker send "&7You have been killed by &e%attacker%" to player function shopGUI(t: String, p: Player): if {_t} is "shop": open virtual chest inventory with size 6 named "Shop &6$&e%{coin::%{_p}%}%" to {_p} format gui slot (all integers between 0 and 8 and 9 and 17 and 18 and 26 and
  6. options: tooltip: &fThis will bring you to our discord message: &3&lServer Name&8 |&7 Click here to join our &3&lDISCORD link: https://minehut.com command /discord: trigger: json("%player%", "{@message}||ttp:&f{@tooltip}||url:{@link}") @wowlolk Make sure to have installed this skript json.sk Once you have both in the folder do this in game /sk reload json.sk and /sk reload [name of discord file]
  7. function enchant(value: text, r1: text, r2: text, r3: text, r4: text) :: text: replace all "[%{_r1}%]" with "%{_r2}%" in {_message} replace all "[%{_r3}%]" with "%{_r4}%" in {_message} command /enchant [<text>]: aliases: /enchantment trigger: if arg 1 is not set: send "&8&m---------&8»&6&l Enchant&8 «&m---------" send "" send "&e/enchant <enchantment> [<level>]" send "" send "&8&m------------------------------" enchant player's tool with arg 1 parsed as enchantment type set {_test} to arg 1 parsed as enchantmen
  8. command /boom [<integer>] [<entity type>] [<offline player>]: permission: SkBoom.* permission message: &cYou currently don't have access to this command. Contact your adminitrator if this is a mistake! description: &fSummons mobs at a player aliases: /b trigger: set {_player} to location of block above targeted block set {_number} to 1 if arg 1 is set: set {_number} to arg 1 arg 3 is set: set {_player} to arg 3 spawn {_number} of arg 2 at {_player} @TBNR_Yash
  9. Yea sorry I just fixed it, it was the last line of the code that was doing that, go a head and copy the code again.
  10. discord link still don't might as well make it unlimited time and joins
  11. This is a very simple gamemode skript, it will take no problem on the server at all This is a re-write to a skript i wrote months back, but i have hidden it XD so i can post this one lol, Permission: gamemode.* - Give you all the permission needed to run command. gamemode - Give you access to change your gamemode. gamemode.other - Ability to change other players gamemode. options: nopermission: &cYou currently don't have access to this permission! permission: gamemode s: "survival","s" or "0" c: "creative","c" or "1" a: "adventure","a" or "2" sp: "spectator" or "3"
  12. Well not here to pick wether you should or shouldn't. it's your option
  13. Just in case here is the error im getting probably same with others.
  14. Minehut should be able to work something around it eventually
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