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  1. discord link still don't might as well make it unlimited time and joins
  2. This is a very simple gamemode skript, it will take no problem on the server at all This is a re-write to a skript i wrote months back, but i have hidden it XD so i can post this one lol, Permission: gamemode.* - Give you all the permission needed to run command. gamemode - Give you access to change your gamemode. gamemode.other - Ability to change other players gamemode. options: nopermission: &cYou currently don't have access to this permission! permission: gamemode s: "survival","s" or "0" c: "creative","c" or "1" a: "adventure","a" or "2" sp: "spectator" or "3" function gamemode(p: player, gamemode: text): if {_gamemode} is {@s}: set gamemode of {_p} to survival send "&7Your gamemode has been changed to &eSurvival&7!" to {_p} if {_gamemode} is {@c}: set gamemode of {_p} to creative send "&7Your gamemode has been changed to &eCreative&7!" to {_p} if {_gamemode} is {@a}: set gamemode of {_p} to adventure send "&7Your gamemode has been changed to &eAdventure&7!" to {_p} if {_gamemode} is {@sp}: set gamemode of {_p} to spectator send "&7Your gamemode has been changed to &eSpectator&7!" to {_p} command /gamemode [<text>] [<OfflinePlayer>]: permission: {@permission}.* permission message: {@nopermission} aliases: gm trigger: if arg 1 isn't set: send "&7/gamemode &e<text> <player>" if player has permission "{@permission}": arg 2 isn't set: gamemode(player, arg-1) if player has permission "{@permission}.other": arg 2 is set: gamemode(arg-2, arg-1) if arg 1 is {@s}: send "&7You have change &e%arg-2% &7gamemode to &eSurvival!" to executor Requirements: Skript
  3. Well not here to pick wether you should or shouldn't. it's your option
  4. Just in case here is the error im getting probably same with others.
  5. Minehut should be able to work something around it eventually
  6. If its possible to add Skript-mirror so that we can have more implementations towards skript
  7. This is a very simple Mention Script, where player need this permission to say a players name. Permission: sk.mention Once they have that permission they will be able to send a players name in chat, the receiver will get a EXP sound in their end making sure that they are their. To be able to change the color of the Mention you will be going to Line 9 of the script and looking for this "&6&l@%loop-player%&r" Mention.sk
  8. Hello, this is just a GUI skript where you can make it easier for your staff members to ban, mute, tempban, warn DISCLAIMERS: You will need to have ether a custom skript for ban, mute, tempban, warn i will not be providing these since it's a little time consuming and i don't have time Download Link: Punishments.sk Requirements: Skript Tuske or Tuske Pikachu's Update
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