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  1. It seems many other people are experiencing issues with /dl
  2. MdsCool

    Sky Grid doesnt work

    What doesn't work about it? Do you need a separate plugin for it which isn't on the panel? If so, you can request plugins on the forums.
  3. Yeah, you'll have to reupload the world without any spaces.
  4. Installing Plugins 1. Find the "Plugins" section in the panel and find the plugins you'd like to install 2. Click on the plugin then click the "Install" button 3. Find the "World Settings" tab on the left and click the "Save World" button 4. Go to the "Home" tab and stop your server (wait till the status says "offline") 5. Lastly, once your server is offline, start it back up again. Once you join it your plugins should be installed That is how you install plugins if you didn't know. Simply just go to the plugins in the panel (https://minehut.com/panel/mine
  5. I've used this, and have an oculus so why not
  6. Hey, I've seen many people (including me) who have installed this plugin on their server, but it gets disabled because it hasn't updated for 1.14.3. Now it has been updated for 1.14.3, so could this be updated please. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/corpsereborn.29875/ Thanks, Mds
  7. Just because you can make a plugin in skript doesn't mean it shouldn't be added. 95% of the plugins on Minehut you could probably make in Skript. (after reading I realised it is outdated; so you do have a valid point. but I thought I'd say it anyway for future plugin requests)
  8. Hey, NameTagEdit is a useful plugin which customizes your nametag. It is currently on Minehut however it is outdated and crashes everyone on the server when you set a nametag prefix. There is now a 1.14 development build here: http://ci.nametagedit.com:8080/job/NametagEdit/ which states on there that it is considered stable. Please update this in the next plugin update! Thanks, Mds
  9. thank you!

  10. MdsCool

    Alot of bugs

    You can install the ProtocolSupport plugin to allow version as low as 1.8 join. You cannot change your servers version though.
  11. After reading https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Custom_servers/Bukkit it doesn't seem to be "discontinued" but it states that it's only compatible for 1.7.9 officially. This may be the wiki not being updated but it also states the downloads are taken down since 2014 and it also states that Bukkit has been succeeded by Spigot.
  12. Bukkit was discontinued a while ago. Spigot is a fork of Bukkit which mostly improves performance.
  13. A non-premium account, basically premium account you paid for, cracked account you pirated minecraft for it. I'll assume you paid for an account. Another thing that could be causing this is the fact that if you've changed your name, you have to sign out of the launcher and sign back in and it should work.
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