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  1. is it possible for you to make a simple clan system?
  2. The Custom Heads Plugin doesn't seem to work in 1.16.1 I am requesting a update on the plugin
  3. Dang, well I realized I didn’t even need the plugin but thanks anyways!
  4. I need to download KuthsBookExchange plugin but minehut doesn’t have it. How else am I supposed to download it?
  5. Kirbykirby

    Resource Pack Help

    There’s many places to get or download resource packs. Like planetminecraft, or etc.
  6. Kirbykirby

    Give an item

    It’s my first time making a server and I got things through. I want to give/get items like (/give (name) minecraft:(something)) but it doesn’t work. It always says that there’s no such item. or if I can give people items when they spawn to my server
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