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  1. I am assuming you want this from Dream's manhunt video. A lot of skript developers have a copy of this skript, if you have the skript plugin on your server this can be custom made. I would suggest asking in #Marketplace on the Minehut Discord and just put: [REQUESTING] Compass that tracks a certain player (like the one from Dream's manhunt)
  2. Hello! Welcome to Minehut (1 year late). Enjoy your stay!
  3. FnnF

    1000th POST!

    Congrats.... sweat.
  4. FnnF

    Should I?

    Sounds like something many people in the community would want.
  5. If you have the plugin skript, then you are able to do that. If you do not know how to skript, then you could go in #marketplace in the Minehut discord and request that someone makes it for you. There are a ton of skilled people willing to help you out with that.
  6. What is the error message? Moved to help.
  7. FnnF


    Sorry, we don't give custom ranks out to people.
  8. FnnF

    Minehut Bad

    Minehut good
  9. FnnF


    You are doomed.
  10. You copy and paste the whole world and do //set air then you exit the server and join back, and then you have it. ------------------------------------------------ Where do I go to apply for Support?
  11. FnnF


    Call 911, this is a level 10 emergency, the chance of you surviving is 5%, muster up what little courage you have left to get any water you have + food. Get as much tape as possible, tape up all vents, doors, and windows. Camp out there until things are resolved, the cops probably won't care about the small thing, so try pest control or whatever it is called. You may not get through this. Good luck. Those are my encouragement words.
  12. I doubt this will be added, first off, it kind of puts everyone else who bought a rank, out. Let's be honest, everyone who has purchased a rank, did it for the name color and chat. And like @Eve said above, this would be very strange out of context. It is for an event, and is only supposed to be for that event, showing you have escaped.
  13. FnnF

    Server got deleted??

    Have you made a backup? If you have, try loading that backup.
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