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[Offer] Scripts and more

have been skripting for more then 3 years so far. I am very good with certain scripts, but some I just don't seem to be able to get. Most scripts you will ask for I will know. I would love to put it on a low price. It of course depends on how long the skript is. If you want something like, custom join message, Its gonna be free. Its 4 lines. Right now you can really only contact me through my email, but soon I will be able to get back onto my discord. I also work with minehut scripts and more. I do not script plugins unless you ask for alot. It takes alot of my time and I don't want to do that with small offers.
[offers] Carson.Astor@gmail.
Free | simple 1-5 ranks with prefixes and permissions
$1 | 10 ranks with custom prefixes, titles, and permissions
[1] FREE | simple scripts
[2] FREE | script revisions
[3] $1-$5 | Big scripts
[4] $2-$8 | Full plugin server |'
[5] $5-$15 | Full script server
[6] $15 Full Bundle of my custom scripts
[7] Free-$5 | Discord server WIth BOT
[8] $20 | 800 credits + script Bundle + free 1 week lessons for scripting
[9] $35 800 credits + Script Bundle + 1 mo free lessons + plugin bundle + 1 free month of MH20
[10] [9] + another 800 credits + another free month of lessons.
[11] $20-$50 | Custom Plugin [N/A]
I use paypal, and you will need to sign something if you are giving me more then $15. This will ensure that you will pay and I will do what you need.

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