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  1. Thank you, I've learned my lesson. Maybe you could reset the entire alt list xD.
  2. NOTE: This is the first server i'm banned from, i'm not banned from hypixel (have a rank on that server), cubecraft or any other server. and any other (big) public minehut servers. Chat before I got banned: (at 1 July 2020) My timezone: GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time) I tried to join with Scary_Camper with my normal IP (was already banned), the anticheat didn't ban my account (olifon). I just joined the server with my normal account without issues. I didn't knew ThatOneTqnk was MOD, he was just a regular player then with op powers. There are two possibilities: 1. He banned me because I asked, but anticheat checked the alt list and changed ban message. 2. He checked the alt list and banned me. Because every ban evading is in the format of 'Ban evading [alt name]', I think a bot has banned me. NOTE: I joined with that account, while he was banned. Question and answer: When you tried to join the server (right before being banned), were you using your normal ip address or a vpn? Normal IP What is the IGN of the hacked account you used to join? Scary_Camper Have you ever joined Warzone on another account - was it also a hacked account (and what's the IGN)? Never, My first join was in 2020 June. It is possible that somebody else on my ip have joined that server before. My question is are you Gydip? and did you evade on an account named Rafosin? This seems to be the original punishment. nopeStill begs the question who is Scary_Camper/Scary_Apple? Did you use a free public VPN because there are multiple IPs banned. public vpn, but not for that ban. I tried to join with krampeerder (other account) using an other IP, so that is real alt.
  3. Username: olifon What punishment did you receive: perma ban Was the punishment fair: yeah (because ban evasion). Why should you be unpunished: because it is a long time ago (few weeks), and I apologise. So this isn't an instant appeal. I want to join this server again. What were the events that led to your punishment: I tried to join a server with a hacked account, but that account was already banned. This is not a good reason tho (responsible for own account), so that is why the punishment is fair. Additional comments: Instead of unbanning you can do a temp ban, didn't cheat. Note, while IP banning is good, there is a small chance that people join with the same IP (vpn, public ip etc) on your server and they get insta ban. This server has reached many people of minehut.
  4. olifon

    FTP Access

    You can secure alot, with things like linux namespaces, cgroups, docker... You can create an isolated environment for every server and restrict everything. the amount of cpu it can use, the amount of ram, seperate networking, max amount of processes, threads, the entire filesystem (each server its own files), all I/O etc. All system resources can be restricted. for changing the internal settings like the max amount of players can be easily blocked on the proxy server (bungeecord). Every server gets it own networking which can be firewalled, so that it cannot for example access other servers. It is not just only a different user for every server, but you can emulate everything. without the overhead of a virtual machine. There are a lot of hosting companies that already use this, only minehut is not part of that. It would be really fun if we could upload custom plugins and code, without that that code can harm minehut. However, I think this would be very complex and it is not worth it. Minehut developers need to focus on a stable free hosting platform instead of focusing on custom plugins. And ftp is still possible then, without that you can upload custom plugins. It has then the same restrictions that the minehut file manager has. FTP is just a protocol, for file sharing. So it is possible that you can upload custom plugins, but is it really needed?
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