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  1. Blacklists be like 😔

  2. pls dont tell anyone i want to hack mainframe! i dont want to gert arrested okay
  3. pls pls pls pls pls pls if you want i can pay you like 60 cents pls pls
  4. im wondering how i hack minehut's mainframe in skript
  5. Please provide a plugin link.
  6. Please provide a plugin link.
  7. Wrong section, this subforum is for suggesting plugins, not general features, and def not photoshop.
  8. I'd rather say that its rare Minehut adds plugins that people suggest, instead of saying premium plugins, there are many plugin requests that are over a year old with no response.
  9. Exactly? Granted by author doesn't mean that Minehut doesn't add premium plugins at all.
  10. Please provide a link to these plugins.
  11. chill, how is this a "scam"? what is he "scamming" you out of?
  12. All of these plugins have not been updated in 17 months, meaning they probably do not support 1.16.
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