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  1. the plugins i have are essentialsX, holographic displays, iridium skyblock, luckperms, skript, skquery, vault, viabackwards, viarewind, viaversion, worldedit, and worldguard. i have no skripts that i have made myself and none of the default skripts are enabled. i have restarted my server and a plugin other than uskyblock was definitely messing with it all lol. i should be able to just remove all the plugins i've never used before and don't need and it'll be fine, i have a hunch as to what plugin may be causing the problem.
  2. part of i'm assuming uskyblock prevents me from changing my gamemode. i'm an operator. is there anything i can change in the files that will stop forcing me to be in adventure or do i need to get a better plugin? EDIT: turns out it isn't uskyblock? i uninstalled it and the same problem is still happening. ah well.
  3. here's a simple /discord command, i've done it before and sadly you can't click on the link but it works fine, just a mild inconvenience to type it out manually. command /discord: trigger: send "insert link here"
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