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Kanga is currently under development but when it comes back it will have more minigames including Bedwars, ranks (hopefully), staff (if anyone applys between this time and the end of development) and more!

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  3. The christmas update may be before the 25th (it probably will) but the hopeful release date will be this date, if not sooner!
  4. Just thought I shall announce this! When I'm online (server shuts down if you leave unless you have 24hr) it's called Numeric. It's a parkour and clicker-battle server and can be quite addicting (depends if you like MC clickers). If you ever find yourself online when I'm on, Numeric should be on too. Give it a try! You may like it. (Most people reading this will never be able to join Numeric because of timezones unfortunately)
  5. Currently working on the GUI, there is gonna be a nether star that is the game selector. Doing this in skript, when I'm finished I can share the skript if you guys want!
  6. Kanga is currently undergoing maintenance. This is mainly getting plugins, skripts and worlds sorted. With the new update, more games will be added. The lobby will have categories to choose from instead of the 3 minigames it has now. The categories will be Survival, Sky and Battle. Bedwars will be coming, along with Sumo, Hunger Games and more!
  7. Please apply on this post if you want to be a builder!
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  9. Have you been staff before? Why would you like to be staff on Kanga? What would you do to help?
  10. Reason you were banned: Explanation: Would you be better next time?
  11. Player Name: Why you are reporting them: Proof:
  12. KitPvP won't be in the first release, but will come! One more thing left to do... work out why action announcer isn't working!
  13. Ezekia


    Ask questions here, and they will hopefully be answered.
  14. No KitPvp (I can't make that map) so I'm working on Skyblock rn!
  15. Hi DUCKYbes! You are my first member! (tbh i never thought i would get a member lol)
  16. Please can you join this club, it would really help!
  17. KitPvP might come to the server soon. Each minigame is a different server, so I will have to create a new account to make more minigames (I need a new email for a new account)

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