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  1. I do realize the security issues that come with it, and completely understand that it wont be added anytime soon. But I do hope it can be a thing someday preferably sooner than later!
  2. I mean, im using it as my main anticheat, I think its pretty stable ngl. I just need the latest version for the 1.16 block updates, and for bug fixes, false positive fixes, and patching bypasses. Also to use conditional commands, which would be such a help on minehut, because mh lag can cause falses
  3. If you have a good config, havent seen my anticheat false with the current config im using. Using skript to make addons, like alerts to discord, bans to discord, etc
  4. Agreed, I do think it would be a great addition to minehut, and a really good way to protect servers from cheaters, hackers, etc. Something minehut really needs. Skript anticheats just dont cut it, with ThatPacketAddon, it helps a ton, also with Skript Mirror.
  5. Can you also add skript-mirror [v2.0.0-SNAPSHOT]
  6. Hi, so its been a while since Matrix was updated, in fact, its 20 or so versions behind. You can find the updated version on https://matrix.rip :P. Also could you add ThatPacketAddon? Its a really neat addon to skript that allows you to see packets sent to and from the client. Im not using it maliciously, only to get client packets to see what client people are using. Thanks so much, please update Matrix, and add ThatPacketAddon https://forums.skunity.com/resources/thatpacketaddon.847/. (also if you can plz update via, ty) EDIT: You can get the latest free version from their discord, a dire
  7. The new Matrix Anticheat supports 1.16
  8. So, the matrix anticheat on minehut right now, is seriously outdated, the latest Matrix Anticheat is on their discord right now, I would really like it if you could update it. Matrix AntiCheat website: matrix.rip
  9. Hi, so I am new to Minehut and this is the first time I have heard of skript. I like the idea of skript, but I am a complete noob. So I made a post on the community help about how to limit commands within an area. I don't know if that is possible, but I wanted to run different gamemodes on the same server (I know its gonna lag, but tps prob wont drop under 17.) with multiverse, but KitPvP has a plugin and so does survival. The answer was to ask here and so here I am! So, is there a way of limiting certain commands within a world with skript? Please help
  10. Tacosheel


    You need to install a chat moderation plugin, then you can mute the chat
  11. I know I made a post like 5 mins ago, but this is a different question, How would you limit certain commands within an area, Like let's say im using multiverse to make different gamemodes on the same server. If i downloaded a KitPvP plugin, I shouldn't be able to use it on a survival gamemode. I hope this makes sense, if not please tell me. Please Help.
  12. You need plugins for those to work, if you already have plugins, they may not work because a needed dependecy is required. Could you tell me what the logs where when you did /ignore and /mute?
  13. Hi, so recently I started using Minehut for my Minecraft server. I wanted to have one server as a hub, and another server for a survival map. How do I make it so that when they click an npc, they teleport to the server they chose (I know how to make an npc command, but noticed minehut doesnt allow /server). PLZ HELP
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