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  1. Rudeboy8

    upload plugins

    this will do a huge chanage to minehut if you do this how about members can upload or create plugings but if it is not a 1.14.2 or a diffrent verison then it wont be upload I hope this comes
  2. Rudeboy8

    Huge event

    we will do an event winner can get the best keys 100 of them or t everyone
  3. hi welcome to rude this is a survive server
  4. hi welcome to the server this s a survive server
  5. we wantr a new sky wars plugin https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/skywars?gameCategorySlug=bukkit-plugins&projectID=63334 there out new plugin can we pls have it
  6. hosing an event very soon

  7. we are hosting an event soon

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