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  1. There's no way to "upgrade" you server package. You can purchase more credits for slots though
  2. Sgt_Tony23


    If you have builder utilities, uninstall it
  3. They can do /join "server-name" (Anyone can start any server). If it gives them (or you) an error message, relog, wait a lil bit, and try again. Repeat this process and you will eventually be able to join the server.
  4. Do you have the plugin "Core-protect" ?
  5. I believe thats something you'll have to do through skript, but there might be a way to do it plugins
  6. This needs to be in "Appeals". Not general.
  7. Well I'd say it depends on the amount of popularity the event gains. If less players play, there shouldnt be some grand prize. If you were able to partner with other MH servers, they could offer VIP or smth to the winner of a larger MH Monday.
  8. What are y'alls thoughts on the easter map from today? Personally, I think that Grover should get a new statue base. How about y'all?
  9. Put this in the "Plugin" section of the forums
  10. You can always either skript a plugin yourself, or make a specific plugin suggestion in "Plugins" on the forums
  11. Its takes a few minutes to join a server. Usually 2-5. If it moves you to a "fallback server", wait a few more minutes, relog, and try again.
  12. So this works with all commands that would use @, but I'll use tp as an example. You need to do /minecraft:tp @p Adding the "minecraft:" to the beginning tells the server not to adjust the command to the plugin. Hopes this makes sense.
  13. There's not an option to "disable diamonds" unless you do this manually with world edit (//replacenear 10000000 diamond_ore air). As Gaminger said, you probably just need to mine deeper. Usual Y-coordinate for diamonds is 17.
  14. Timing out is a network issue (Either on your end of the server end). There's not really a way to stop this from happening because it happens to everyone at some point.
  15. Sgt_Tony23


    Yes, everyone has to install the mod on their client and then join the server
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