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uhc-pie is a custom coded UHC server on Minehut. Breaking the boundaries of Uhccore since 2020, we've been innovating and creating ever since. Uhc-pie in under development again as we are preparing for our very first Java plugin release. This new version will bring a custom coded UHC plugin to the server, allowing for more fun and creativity whilst under less lag. If we get a big enough playerbase and enough money, uhc-pie will expand to other pvp-related gamemodes alongside UHC, becoming a network. Be sure to stick around, you won't want to miss out! This club isn't very active, I would suggest joining the Discord to see updates and talk with the community.

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  2. Hey all, uhc-pie is being remade for what feels like the millionth time! Most of the stuff is sticking, however there is now being a unique UHC plugin being developed for the server! Most of the stuff will be staying (however the practice gamemodes i.e duels and arena) will be coming later. One important thing to note is that the server software is 1.8.8! This means world generation is older and in my opinion better and more like an actual UHC. You'll still be able to join on any version above 1.8 too as we have Via! Anyway, there isn't much to be said now, this club is dead + the forums look to be pretty dead as well, so if you are reading this and want to see more progress, join our discord server (link is in Overview!) to stay updated!
  3. We're coming back, better than ever! The new UHC-Pie will include: Duels Arena (KitPvP) A better UHC Deathmatch (at the end of the UHC) Custom crafting recipes Custom scenarios More scenarios!
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    • HI im Zack i am a nice dev and very calm and chill i dont ban or kick without a good reason my own server (which need players and staff look at my other posts) Its called Godcraft234 im hoping i can get enough credits to make it online 24/7 but anyway im good at commands i know a little abt building but i am a chill person i am a fast truster so if u r very nice or cool at anything i trust u i might even make u co owner u never know lol. And my server is still in development so if u have any suggestions pls feel free to tell me when im online which is on school days 4:00pm to 7:30pm and on weekends i always check on my server to make sure theres no abusing staff but as i said im looking for staff and co owner and a builder and a mod and admin and if we have to much mods i will give u jr mod and thats all bye hope u join have a nice day u all

    • looking for staff and players for my new server its still in development tho so i need builders and staff and admins mods and maybe a co owner if u r interested email me at ZackAttack189@hotmail.com  or i will be on my server during weekends maybe most days and going to be on school days to check on it at 4:00pm thro 7:30pm the server is called Godcraft234 pls join and if im on when u join i will let u have ur own nametag or nick so pls join and if u like it make a ad pls. whoever makes the most ads will get co-owner and a top player rank and the 2nd one will get admin with the rank Best player so pls join tysm.

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    • I try to download projectkorra and it takes me to spigit and keeps asking to verify that I'm human. Over and over again never ending


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