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Quick Info

Server Name: 1v1MH

Server IP: 1v1MH.Minehut.gg

Server Owners: Adxm and _C02

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/WzMCwT6

IIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT'SSS FRIDAY! Grab some popcorn and a fluffy pupper to cuddle with while we settle in and check out this week's Featured Server, 1v1MH!

1v1MH is a brand new Minehut server featuring an immersive duels experience with over 12 maps, 8 kits, and new arenas added daily. All players need to do is run a single command or right-click on a player to start a duel. Players can go head to head with friends or with other users. And unlike some servers, 1v1MH is not pay to win—everything is accessible to every player! 

1v1MH also features old warzone maps from Minehut and a custom karma system! (Pro tip: After a match, if you type "gg" in chat, you earn karma!) Players can spend karma in the tags shop.

A note from the server owner: "We already have an amazing community. Being a featured server, we would keep adding new updates and features as our player base grows. What makes our server different from the rest is that we have a development team like no other, we are dedicated, and fully willing and capable to keep this server alive."

Wanna try out this brand new server for yourself? Play 1v1MH using /join 1v1MH or at 1v1MH.Minehut.gg!

Have a server you'd like featured? Submit it for consideration in the Featured Server Discord!

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On 9/6/2019 at 8:10 PM, Minehut said:

😄 So happy to be featured. Make sure to come and check the server out!

You are the inferior Adam and, therefore, I shall not.

Member of the Minehut Community Support Team.

Discord: Clarifity#9859.

The Community Support category is my home.




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Congrats Adam and C02 👏

Community Support Lead

Discord: Criticyl#0869

Minehut Vip - 2018/2019
Received Junior Moderator - April 28th 2019

Promoted to Senior Moderator - July 21st 2019

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Do /join Warzone 😉

The best way to reach me is on Discord (@daniel#0004). I probably won't see your forum DM.

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