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  1. Hello. I am pyunbiwi. Formerly, I played on Minehut under the username Clarifity since about 2015/16; and I was verily active in the community's numerous support teams in the past. Recently, I have returned from my general Minecraft hiatus and have changed my username so as to synchronise it with the usernames which I use on other games and platforms. I thought it would be appropriate to create this introduction post so that I may introduce myself to those who may have not met me before, and so that I may formalise my return to this community.
  2. Girl you thicker than a bowl of oatmeal
  3. Minehut only lets you have a maximum of two free servers. If you want to purchase additional server slots, you can do so by selecting the Purchase Server Slots on the Dashboard; I believe they go for 400 credits per server slot.
  4. pyunbiwi

    Queue System

    You should be able to Skript this. I would suggest asking for Skript-related help regarding this in the forum's Skript category, or in the #skript channel on the Minehut Discord.
  5. This seems like a fairly strange issue. I would recommend contacting Minehut Support by clicking here (scroll down and press on "Contact Support"). Make sure to fully describe your situation, they should be able to address this problem.
  6. pyunbiwi


    Shopkeepers are, at their core, just regular Minecraft villagers; therefore, like vanilla villagers, they will always be facing in your direction.
  7. pyunbiwi

    Permissions Ex

    You have entered the permission nodes incorrectly. You should remove the permissions that you currently have and add: essentials.kit essentials.spawn modifyworld.*
  8. Minehut uses a third-party download service. There's nothing that can be done about it from Minehut's side.
  9. The third-party download service which Minehut uses has a tendency to break; unfortunately, the Minehut development team have no control over this. I would recommend waiting a few hours and then trying again.
  10. Unfortunately, you cannot change your server version (as Minehut only supports the latest full release of Minecraft). However, you can allow users on older versions to join your server if you have the ViaVersion, ViaBackwards and ViaRewind plugins installed (make sure that you have all three).
  11. No, I just don't have any reasonable solutions, because I haven't heard of anyone else having this particular issue. Apart from, as it seems now, farwl, whose fix seems pretty viable.
  12. pyunbiwi

    help me

    Minehut doesn’t have control over bans issued on player servers. The only thing that you can really do is contact your friend and ask him to unban you.
  13. That sounds like an issue from your side, considering that I haven’t seen any other reports of an issue like this. You could try restarting your game; or checking your internet connection to see if that’s causing any problems.
  14. Make sure that you have: Vault, EssentialsChat and a permissions plugin (e.g. LuckPerms). Without those, you will be unable to have prefixes.
  15. pyunbiwi


    The Minehut development team has addressed some start-up issues following recent updates and fixes. If you are facing issues upon server start-up, contact Minehut support with your server name and a description of your specific problem. They should get back to you as soon as possible.
  16. Minehut has forbidden accessing the server.properties file directly, as it would allow you to edit certain features which you shouldn't be able to edit (e.g. player slots, for which you have to pay). If you wish to edit the properties of your server, please do so through the Settings tab of your Minehut control panel.
  17. Unfortunately, you cannot install external plugins on Minehut. If you would like to suggest a plugin for addition to the plugins available on Minehut, please do so here.
  18. I believe that this error has something to do with the external downloading service which Minehut uses. Unfortunately, Minehut developers cannot really do anything about an external feature, so you'll have to wait for the staff on the other end to fix this issue. I would recommend waiting a few hours before trying to download your world again.
  19. This isn't really a Minehut-related issue. But still, you need to wait for around 48 hours before you try to join any multiplayer server. Your username change has to be acknowledged within the Minecraft services and all that nonsense. If you still can't join any servers after 48 hour, contact Mojang support.
  20. pyunbiwi


    This can be easily done by editing the Essentials config.yml. Firstly, you need to locate this configuration file within Minehut's File Explorer (File Explorer -> Plugins -> Essential). Then, you need to locate the line which contains format: '<{DISPLAYNAME}> {MESSAGE}' The rest should be pretty self-explanatory: simply remove the < and > around the {DISPLAYNAME} (make sure to keep the squiggly brackets in, or else this will not work. Of course, you can put a colon after {DISPLAYNAME}. Once you have finished editing your Essentials configuration file, save it and restart your server.
  21. I looked this up for you and it turns out that the simplest fix is simply logging out of your Minecraft account on the Minecraft launcher and then logging back in. Adjacent to that, make sure that you are using the latest version of Minecraft. If that doesn’t work, try disabling your VPN (if you are using one) or turning off Firewall and checking if that makes a different. Those two are commonly known for causing this issue. In the case that neither of my solutions work, feel free to contact me via Discord (Clarifity#9859) or the forums and I’ll try my best to provide some more advice.
  22. This post is nearly three months old and necroposting is against the rules here. @FadelessBanjo Would you mind coming to lock this?
  23. Minehut decade review when
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