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How to edit spigot.yml


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Introduction to spigot.yml

Spigot.yml is a file within your server that allows you to change messages, settings, and more. The file is located in the main directory of your server files and can be changed and saved like any other file. In this tutorial, you will learn how to edit these things. 



Settings are more advanced than other things like messages, but can be changed just as easily. Some of these settings are better not to be touched as they can cause issues on your server. Some settings that are commonly changed include the ‘moved-wrongly-threshold’, which may reduce rubber-banding when increased, the ‘item-dirty-check’, which checks every item and its NBT data to see if it was changed on a timed interval, and the ‘user-cache-size’, which can be changed to dictate how many players can be saved in the ‘usercache.json’ file.



Changing messages is probably the most common thing that is changed in the spigot.yml file. These messages include the whitelist message (when people are not whitelisted), the unknown command message, the full server message, the outdated client and server messages, and the server restarting message. Messages can be changed to anything and they even support color codes. In order to apply color codes to these messages, use the '&' symbol, followed by the appropriate number or letter. To create new lines, use '\n'.



This section is for settings specific to commands, not for adding custom ones. These settings can be changed to exclude getting kicked for spamming certain commands, changing command log settings, and more. 



This section is for settings specific to the worlds on your server. Some of these settings include the rate at which arrows despawn, the amount of items that can be passed through a hopper at once, the growth rate of crops, and more. This can be useful for reducing lag, improving your redstone designs, and much more. To apply these per-world, add a new section under world-settings with the world directory's folder name.


Saving Your Settings

Once you have made changes to your spigot.yml file, you must press the blue save button at the bottom right of the text editor on your panel and restart the server for the changes to take effect.


Things to Remember

One major thing to remember is that these settings could very well corrupt your server as changing them affects the way the server runs. If you decide to edit any of the settings, make sure you do research on what they do and if they are worth changing. Another thing to remember is not increasing durations by too much (ex. growth modifiers). Settings like this can cause lag on your server which is not good. One last thing to remember is that certain settings are not able to be changed. If you edit a setting that cannot be changed, it will be reverted to its original state when you re-open the file.


Require further assistance?

An advanced guide to configuring the spigot.yml file can be found here.

If you need more help on editing your spigot.yml file, head over to this section of forums, or join our Discord!


Compiled by the Minehut Staff Team


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Great CFAQ! Spigot.yml is not very complicated to edit, and I'm sure this guide will lead users in the right direction 😉

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So awesome 😎

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Informative and helps to understand the basics and complexity of spigot.yml. Hope helps users into editing it for future references.

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Wow amazing CFAQ! I often strugle with editing config files and this has already helped me now, and will help me even more in the future! Thank you for this!

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