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Quick Info

Server IP: Dueled.minehut.gg

Server Owner: skQuery

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/DygWqwW

Happy Friday, y'all! This weekend be sure to check out this week's Featured Server: Dueled by skQuery!

Dueled is a sumo server, but with a twist! Dueled includes a feature that allows players to vote for a winner during a sumo match. If the voter roots for the correct person and that person wins, the voter will be given a random amount of coins (2 coins being the minimum). Players can also earn coins by winning a sumo match. To queue up for a match, do /join or right-click the signs at spawn. The server also plans to add more duel game modes and cosmetic features including emotes, trails, and more in the future!

Check out this sumo server for yourself! Use /join Dueled or Dueled.minehut.gg to get in-game and see if you're tough enough.

Want your server featured? Join the Featured Server Discord and enter your server for consideration—you can be featured on the Minehut forums, clubs, Twitter, and BLB (Big Lobby Billboard)!

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