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How to make a quality Minehut server (Unofficial FAQ post)


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Welcome to my FAQ!

Today, I'll be teaching you how to use multiple plugins; not only how to set them up, but also how to learn and benefit from the process. You'll receive valuable information if you pay attention which will aid your server in an extreme manner.


First things first: How do I create a Minehut server?

Answer: Use your brain. Go to minehut.com, log into an account, head to your dashboard and create a new server.


Question: How do I join my server?
Answer: There are 2 main ways. The first one is to connect to the IP minehut.com and do /join <server name>, the second being to connect directly to your server by using the IP <server name>.minehut.gg


Question: How do I create cool Skripts and make my server any good?

Answer: I've already spent a solid 22.6 seconds explaining things to you. Just go to https://google.com and discover the information for yourself 😉

Google is capable of solving all your issues and is far more knowledgeable than the standard human.

Just use Google. Don't fill the forums with things that have already been answered or annoy people on Discord.


Just. Use. Google! 🥴



Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my detailed, in-depth and lengthy Minehut server tutorial. This should be able to inspire the young minds of the entire Minehut community and assist them in creating the most innovative and creative servers possible!

For real though, I think this is a lesson a lot of people need to learn.


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FYI this is a joke
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Cool and very detailed tutorial!

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I appreciate the level of detail that went into this. Very precise with all terms used and did a great job of making me feel motivated about my capabilities! 

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