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World edit plugin is on server, but it doesnt work!



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5 hours ago, Infientum said:

So im on my Minehut server and i did /plugins and it says Worldedit is on but i cant use any world edit commands? Please help!!!!

Make sure you're a server operator, and that you're prefixing your commands with a double forward slash: //

See below for some commands you can test with:

//replacenear 3 grass_block stone
//drain 20


If you have further issues, or need help with anything else, feel free to ask! ūüėĄ

 - Discord: Brim#0768






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12 minutes ago, Infientum said:

How do i op myself? im the owner of the server and i dont know how to op

  1. Go to your server dashboard
  2. Click Edit Server on the server where you want to OP yourself
  3. Under Appearance find Send console command
  4. In the box, type /op (your name)
  5. Hit enter, and you should now be opped on your server


DMs open - Discord ¬Ľ mrtibo¬†| or send a forum message

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