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Most boring type of server?


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In minehut, there are a LOT OF SERVERS But most of them arent really unique.

For example, SMPS Quickly die in a few days , Skymining servers are grindy , Gen servers are... Yeah Im not even gonna explain the reason.

But you get the point, I want to know people's opinion on the types of servers that are boring for you.



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any gen server, skymining server, or just generally over used server ideas. 

also original server ideas that arent executed or developed well are also boring

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Skymining servers got a little boring for me. And I think it's due to the amount of efforts taken to upgrade pickaxe and then when you switch to another pickaxe, it gets hard again. I'd consider playing it again if it was made a little easier in some way.

I still like to play gen servers though. Some servers are still the same concept (with nothing new), and some servers bought in some new things like level ups, prestiges, and some more things to make it a little more fun than usual. But I don't know why I'm still addicted to them. 😳

The lobbies get very fun sometimes, so I go there and have fun.

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