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emanueleB is a dangerous human being.


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Hello, my name is mrchanjack1 and I am gonna be telling you why this player is dangerous so He demoted my friend and me at the same time the server name was mythicgens and we was staff. I was head admin and She was a co owner and when emanueleb demoted us he started swearing and started saying curse word at us and I had enough so I told me and snug we should get revenge and grief his server for cursing and being a bad owner and being rude to us and treating us like some piece of garbage and then when I told snug I told the rest of the players about the situation then I send proof to them and they was reacting that crazy so The MythicGens Adminstrator just gave us Adminstrator on the discord server and he said "Grief the server all you want I don't care" then me and snug did what we did then when we griefed his server and his discord server he told Snug boat that he was gonna kill her tommorow then she got scared and she told me about it then when i heard that I told him "Leave her the fuck alone she doesn't like you anymore". Then I blocked him and removed him as a friend on discord then I told her "Don't be nervous I am here for you that's what friends are for". So real quick you might not understand but this guy is really rude if you joined Mythicgens don't He is a terrible owner he disrespect players he always troll and he doesn't even like none of you he just want money you guys donate please I hope you guys understand 



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Me realising of this old and stupid thread lmao.

Ok let's say that you and snug started doing whatever you want.

With "whatever you want", i meant ruining the server adding bad things lmao

And so, how would i feel having 2 high rank staff members that don't listen to me and ruin the server? Damn 

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Please do not necropost.

Topic locked.

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