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Our server is stuck in hibernation



So I've checked a bunch of other posts with similar titles, but I can't seem to find a solution. We've waited about 15 minutes or so already and I've tried joining from a lobby, however, none of that worked out. We would start it up, wait 30s, press continue, but I wouldn't read "Starting" or "Active", It would instead remain as hibernating. We tried multiple times but it won't start. I think something similar happened to BoxDupe. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you. Also, don't mind the name of the server, my friend is weird. 

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Server startups have been temporarily disabled until issues get smoothed out.

Join the discord for more info. Discord.gg/minehut

Discord - tarna256

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Website - https://tarna.dev
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Moderator - 12/20/22 - now



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Just now, underarmpig said:

happening to my server also

Administrators are working on fixing server starting issues. If you join the Minehut Discord Here you can receive status updates in the channel #announcements. (copy paste message)

If I helped you at all, leave a like!

IGN: _omga
Discord: omega#1000


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