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Griefing Problem



Hello. Recently my server was griefed for the 4th time by someone. I believe it is the same person. Every griefing so far has been done with a force opping problem. This time for the griefing it was believed to be a player with a inappropriate username to have griefed. Their username was Marijuatta. If someone could please ban their IP so they cannot grief my server; I would appreciate it a ton.


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force OP? what do you mean by that? are they giving you links to click or is it just straight up joining the server and force opping themselves without you doing anything? (which, to my knowledge, is pretty impossible since Minehut is pretty secure). so, either you gave the wrong person OP or someone somehow got into your account on the Minehut console. think about who you've told your login information to and who you've opped, perhaps someone is not trustworthy here?

regardless, I suggest that YOU IP-ban them from your server, it might not hold them off forever but it certainly will give you peace for a little while, if you've already done this and they still have come back then I'm truly stumped. wait it out I guess, change server name or set server to unlisted for a while until they eventually forget your servers name and all about it. also, backup your world frequently so their griefing will simply be an annoyance and not a loss of huge amounts of work.

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On 7/5/2019 at 6:42 AM, Luke_Sky_Walker said:

I've figured out more about this problem. Apparently they join and op themselves with some sorta exploit, they then op other people. This isn't their first time of doing so. I found a twitter account which pretty much proves they've been griefing other Minehut servers.. Link: https://twitter.com/iJayMC

Do you have the Create Your Own Menus plugin? If so anybody with access to creative mode can op themselves.


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